Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Catching that 70's Buzz at DTM

Hey, man!

What's happening? Ya'll been slapping our stock around this month. Tripping big time here trying to keep up with you wild guys. You can't get enough of that far out seventies stuff!

We're doing our best here at DressThatMan.com to get you the BEST of what's rest of the primo 70's clothes out there. Seems right now there's a big ass demand for clothing from the 1970's disco era for men around the globe. AND - you better get it while the getting is good baby, because there's only so much of the prime 70's apparel left in the entire WORLD, ya know?

Recently we've been dressing Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other corporate professionals in ultra funky DISCO CLOTHES! Doin' it funky style, and loving it, man.

It's so damn
FUNKIN' TRUE... some guys have ALL the fun!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Promote your BAND at DressThatMan.com!

DressThatMan.com is getting the word out!

Near the end of January 2006, we experienced some minor setbacks via our former server, but... we've since moved along and we're now up on a new server and running like a well oiled machine. Yeah.

Despite the January 2006 glitches, we are happy to report that we had over 21,500 new visitors on our site - with over 110,000 page views in the month.

February is a shorter month, but... as of today, the 25th - we've already topped last months 110,000 page views by another 10,000... and have had over 21,000 visitors already.

We're proud to say that we've been selling a LOT of merchandise to guys out there who are talented musicians! We're thrilled that you're performing in clothes you've purchased from the crew at DressThatMan - and, several of you have promised pictures - and, in turn, we've promised that we're going to promote your talent and showcase you in the Celebrity Spotlight at DTM.

If you haven't been reading the blog, we've got pictures promised to us by a hall of fame ROCK STAR who recently partied in an outfit supplied by DressThatMan.com - we're waiting for the prints to get back from the professional photographer and then back to us so we can put them on the site - there is no doubt, all of you aspiring musicians and bands out there will soon be in good company in the Celebrity Spotlight. Of course, we're certainly aflutter and trying to refrain from chomping at the bit to get these pictures - but, all things in due time.

We'd love to tell you WHO he is, but... you'll just have to trust us and know that the suspense will be worth it! Totally.

When you're onstage with your BAND jamming to the appreciation of the crowd, looking the part means you don't buy things off the rack. Vintage clothing kicks ass because it sets you apart from the crowd.

It's been a secret weapon and an apparel staple in the world of entertainers and in celebrity circles for years - adding quality vintage clothing stands you miles apart from all of the fashion clones.

Show the world just how unique you are. Get the look that gets the looks!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vintage Clothing for MEN of all Ages

Last Friday it was work as usual at DTM. We got orders out, did some clean up and sorting, and began to prep and photograph items that will be coming up. Par for the course - we've got some kick ass threads in the works for you ...and, we were talking about how exciting the business is and how much fun you guys are.

Then the phone rings.

A gentlemen called to order some pants who doesn't have access to the Internet. He says he doesn't understand the Internet thing at all... but, that his tailor gave him our details, along with a specific product number of an item he was calling in to buy. He was thrilled that DressThatMan had these vintage pants in stock. In NEW, unworn dead stock condition. You could hear the excitement in his voice.

He was bugging his tailor to buy some polyester material and MAKE him these pants. Instead, the tailor sends him to DressThatMan because he has no interest in making polyester pants for the man. His tailor wants him to wear something else, and this gentleman chuckled and said, "I am afraid that I am very set in my ways."

Hey, if you know what you like and what you want and it works for you, you should go for it. Always.

That's when he said, "Yes. At 80 years of age, by now I know what I like."

That man made our day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

how to Throw a Disco Party

Don't say we never gave you a single thing all this time we've been together.

FREE 70's Theme Party Planner from DressThatMan.com

For the disco do-it-yourself crowd:

Throw the Ultimate Disco Party!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fashion Freedom for Men

Seems that we get a LOT of searchers looking for a "Dress for a Man" and "Man in a Dress" ...and, we're sorry to say that we don't carry any. BUT, because you're looking for them and our name is "DressThatMan", we thought it would be best that we give you some information on where to go to find such things.

Check out Utilikilts . They have some great manly fashion in kilt form. The guy in the picture looks great sporting a killer kilt! Read their top 10 reasons why a guy should wear a kilt. They are SO onto something there.

Check out the kiltman and learn why men should be free to wear kilts and other kilt-like clothing.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you're a man looking for
transgender clothing, we found an excellent resource for you here. If that's not enough, check out Google's transgendered/crossdressing directory here.

DressThatMan supports
freedom, man. Whatever rocks your boat that doesn't hurt anyone, we're totally for it across the board.

And, if you want to buy a pair of polyester disco pants from us, cut the legs half off, split the seams and sew it together as a tight poly skirt - hey, send us pictures of your refabrication and we'll feature you right here in our blog.

Whatever you do... be honest and true to yourself.

That's the bottom line. Otherwise, you're not really living.

Because if you're honest and upfront about things, then YOU aren't the problem that other people will need to deal with - the problem with be with themselves.

Come on out and wear it proudly!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Seek and Ye Shall Find Us

You guys never fail to amaze and amuse us. That's right, when the going gets rough or we're dead tired all we need to do to get a revival is to read our email, look at the pictures you've sent us and now... check out the search terms used to find this blog. You're killing us.

So, here they are, served up just they way you like 'em - fresh and piping hot on DressThatMan's blog.

The list of the latest search terms that found us are here:

sleazy specimen

ugliest leisure suit known to man

dress me up and dress me down sexy

pimp may wife

revealing clothes for men

men who check their zipper

which type of rubber burns longest

grab man clothing

men who like mens feet

down grab pull peek look

little man big ass

hide yourself on the net

and the one that made us laugh the loudest recently

:: insert drum roll here ::

funky daddy passion pants

Friday, February 03, 2006

Angels Flight Pants & Disco Clothes for Men

Man, oh man! We're busy behind the scenes collecting some major stash to keep you retro men happy long into 2006 and beyond. Thanks to the fabulous groupies we've acquired, we're getting hooked up with some primo stuff.

We've got more deadstock - never been worn before - brand NEW old vintage stock from the 1970's coming back at ya like a sharp smack on the azz, or... the back... if we're talking about retro 70's shirts.

There's so much good stuff to come that is currently being cataloged and prepped for addition to the store - where do we start? How about if we just let you in on one special deal of what's in store for the DressThatMan.com store? Aside from a bunch of groovy wide funky mens neckties...

Here it is:
We've got a limited amount of Men's Angels Flight Pants that are brand new with the tags attached, baby. Plus, they aren't tiny 30" waist and under sizes either... so, it doesn't get better than that. Angels Flight brand disco clothes were one of THE brands that were sought after in the 70's. Finding the Angels Flight/Angel Flight label unworn is a mighty hard act to follow. Watch for these SUPER RARE pants coming soon.

Scams to watch out for:
Some places will use the name "Angels Flight" or "Angel Flight" just to lure you in, without being able to divvy up the merchandise. That sucks, and you totally hate that shit. We know you do because we've heard it from several of you. It's worse than bait and switch, because when you are tempted with the super premium brand and shown the no-lead... you're not amused or easily confused. In fact, it pisses you off. And, when something pisses you off - you don't forget it. Because you're like that. Guess what? We like you just the way you are. You ain't gonna get no jive talkin' bullshit runaround, lure 'em in and they'll take something, anything kinda crap coming at ya from us.

Hey, sometimes we're full of shit, laughing our collective asses off, and entirely off the wall when we're writing silly stuff in our product descriptions, but aside from that... we have integrity when it comes to the way we're fronting the business.
So, yeah. That's right. We're full of shit with integrity.

Deal with it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

70's Clothes for MEN ONLY!

When it comes down to dressing 70's style, the more outrageously authentic you can afford to go - the better. With these magic platform shoes, no doubt you'll be doing the disco slide in fine form, man. Go for that seventies fashion flashback. Grow your hair out and get high in bona fide 1970's men's platform shoes!

DressThatMan.com has loads of men's original 1970's fashion. From polyester leisure suits to wild print 70's disco shirts and men's vintage things in between - gently preworn vintage and UNWORN mens vintage clothing.