Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Big Sky - no WIFI

It’s damn cool knowing that in some way we’re making an impact, no matter how slight, in the world. While we’re acting locally, we’re impacting globally.

There are guys in Iceland wearing groovy butterfly collar blue jean jackets. Japanese guys are doing it in retro style while wearing vintage Levi Action suits. A Norwegian 50’s band member is performing in a 1950’s gabardine shirt in an unusual dark pumpkin color. Men in the United Kingdom have become some of our best customers. We’re covering the UK cowboys in western attire, dressing businessmen in top quality suits and, setting up the weekend party animals in the funkiest vintage shirts. And, they aren’t alone. There are fun and fashionable guys all over the planet. The Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany, France, Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India…and more.

We’ve sent stuff out to every state in the USA, with one notable exception.


Yep. It's true as of this date.

Montana. Big sky country.

That’s it.

They are all outside looking at the sky.