Friday, June 19, 2009

Funky Fashion Hall of Fame - NEW MAN!

Check out Todd... the newest man in the "Funky Fashion Hall of Fame" customer gallery featuring original vintage clothing acquired at

We love getting pictures of you guys having fun in our mens vintage clothes, as well as hearing about all of the fun you had in 'em. We're totally working behind the scenes here for you.

Shop at - where the disco party lives ON!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 on TWITTER

Hey, man! We've recently joined twitter and would love to exchange tweets with you.

Add to your following. Follow us and we'll follow you back on twitter here! That's how it is, baby. Like a high five - it takes two.

In the 70's if you called someone a TWIT you'd probably get smacked... and now here we are, damn proud to be TWITS :)


Disco era polyester Leisure Suits that have never been worn are the grooviest! Do the full on Leisure Suit Larry in this pristine 100% polyester deadstock leisure suit from the 1970's. Size 44 funky shorty style jacket with 36" waist matching flare leg pants that are extra long and unhemmed. YES Sir. You can be the prime grade A beef at the Disco Party. Check it all out here and score one for the retro beat.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mens Vintage Clothing

Oh, YEAH! We're down with the Mens Vintage Clothing department, baby. If you're a costumer looking to outfit your cast members in genuine vintage mainly from the 1960's and 1970's - you're gonna find a treasure trove of original retro fashion. Behind the scenes we've got a few secrets. One is the fact is that we give wardrobe departments in theaters and costumers working for the movie studios extended time for fittings - because we know you need it and appreciate it. Plus, we're always happy to work with you because you always know exactly the look you are going for.

So... a shout out to all of the great people working behind the scenes to give you the best visual representation from particular eras on stage, film and media. Thanks to the costumers with their artistic vision and knowledge of fashion that stimulates our collective visual senses.

We salute your achievements...

...y'all really have it going ON!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

3 pc 1970's SUPER FUNKY Leisure Suit

Hot number, man! DEADSTOCK vintage - which means, it ain't never been worn, baby! Circa the Disco Era 1970's, this 3 pc suit wild print ensemble features a jacket size 40R - pants 34 waist long and unhemmed so YOU can get the perfect inseam.

Get all the info on this super funky suit