Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Men’s Vintage Clothing from DressThatMan.com

Happy Holidays, man!

It’s almost time for us to do our year end inventory, and honestly… we can get tired just thinking about it. But, some things just need to be done and that’s all part of the process as a corporation. Yet, it somehow seems cruel to be doing this between Christmas day and the New Year. This surely sets the stage for another massive blowout on New Years Eve, doesn’t it?

We’ve got thousands of items in the inventory, both on the site and off. And, since we’re talking about inventory… we’ve got NEW items arriving soon!

Yes, Sir. We’re in the process of acquiring and prepping several large lots – yes, HUNDREDS… of Men’s vintage pants (shirts and more) that will put a smile on the face of our retro loving customers. Why? Because they are different from the unworn 1970’s vintage polyester disco pants we’ve got on the site currently – many of which we had/have multiples of, and some of which remain on the site in certain styles and sizes.

Oh, boy. We’ve got major piles of vintage DEADSTOCK men’s pants coming (that’s new old vintage with the tags attached for those who don’t know) chock full of funky 1970’s disco era bell bottoms, flares and even some peg leg men’s pants from the mod 1960’s. Polyester, cotton blends and corduroys. Flare jeans, too. Warehouse items that were unsold back in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Locked away for decades and soon to be released upon the world. Super cool, man!

Most of these new pants we’ll be listing are hemmed, and some of the polyester flares and bells are for the man who needs a shorter inseam – when buying the super long unhemmed vintage polyester pants for the tall guys that we have on the site - that would, unfortunately result in your cutting off the bell/flare when getting a custom inseam. That was something that really bummed some of you guys out - we know because you told us.

So, watch for a flood of new old stock to appear in the PANTS and SHIRTS department at DressThatMan in the upcoming months of 2009. Soon, more of you will be ridin’ groovy!

We get questions... lot of 'em. Some of the questions we've had recently are:
Why don’t you have a mailing list? Yes, we get this question all of the time and well… we don’t have a mailing list because we know how much unsolicited email we each get, and quite honestly – it’s annoying. So, we don’t want to end up being categorized as junk mail or spamming. Plus, we’re always busy behind the scenes here, and if we have something to say – we’ll say it in our blog, or… you’ll see the changes on the DressThatMan.com website.

Hey guys, I ordered from you before I want (insert items list here) just charge it to my card, OK? Sorry, but we don't store customer credit card details anywhere on the website so we can't do it. We never see your credit card details as it is encrypted by the merchant processing end of our shopping cart and is handled on the back end. We believe it's safer that way NOT to have a customer database that may be compromised.

One of my favorite bands/celebrity/actors wears vintage clothing that I think they bought from DressThatMan.com - can you confirm this? We don't tell those kind of secrets! So, we can neither confirm nor deny it's true. What we can say is that we have a growing list of talented and famous people who do buy clothing from us regularly.

Got a FACEBOOK site? Yeah, we do, but… truth is we don’t hang out there at all. We’re strictly old school, man. We’re hanging in retrograde on MYSPACE here: http://www.myspace.com/manecan - yes, our mannequin has complete control of the site. He’s often unruly when he isn’t modeling.