Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Men’s Vintage Clothing from DressThatMan.com

Happy Holidays, man!

It’s almost time for us to do our year end inventory, and honestly… we can get tired just thinking about it. But, some things just need to be done and that’s all part of the process as a corporation. Yet, it somehow seems cruel to be doing this between Christmas day and the New Year. This surely sets the stage for another massive blowout on New Years Eve, doesn’t it?

We’ve got thousands of items in the inventory, both on the site and off. And, since we’re talking about inventory… we’ve got NEW items arriving soon!

Yes, Sir. We’re in the process of acquiring and prepping several large lots – yes, HUNDREDS… of Men’s vintage pants (shirts and more) that will put a smile on the face of our retro loving customers. Why? Because they are different from the unworn 1970’s vintage polyester disco pants we’ve got on the site currently – many of which we had/have multiples of, and some of which remain on the site in certain styles and sizes.

Oh, boy. We’ve got major piles of vintage DEADSTOCK men’s pants coming (that’s new old vintage with the tags attached for those who don’t know) chock full of funky 1970’s disco era bell bottoms, flares and even some peg leg men’s pants from the mod 1960’s. Polyester, cotton blends and corduroys. Flare jeans, too. Warehouse items that were unsold back in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Locked away for decades and soon to be released upon the world. Super cool, man!

Most of these new pants we’ll be listing are hemmed, and some of the polyester flares and bells are for the man who needs a shorter inseam – when buying the super long unhemmed vintage polyester pants for the tall guys that we have on the site - that would, unfortunately result in your cutting off the bell/flare when getting a custom inseam. That was something that really bummed some of you guys out - we know because you told us.

So, watch for a flood of new old stock to appear in the PANTS and SHIRTS department at DressThatMan in the upcoming months of 2009. Soon, more of you will be ridin’ groovy!

We get questions... lot of 'em. Some of the questions we've had recently are:
Why don’t you have a mailing list? Yes, we get this question all of the time and well… we don’t have a mailing list because we know how much unsolicited email we each get, and quite honestly – it’s annoying. So, we don’t want to end up being categorized as junk mail or spamming. Plus, we’re always busy behind the scenes here, and if we have something to say – we’ll say it in our blog, or… you’ll see the changes on the DressThatMan.com website.

Hey guys, I ordered from you before I want (insert items list here) just charge it to my card, OK? Sorry, but we don't store customer credit card details anywhere on the website so we can't do it. We never see your credit card details as it is encrypted by the merchant processing end of our shopping cart and is handled on the back end. We believe it's safer that way NOT to have a customer database that may be compromised.

One of my favorite bands/celebrity/actors wears vintage clothing that I think they bought from DressThatMan.com - can you confirm this? We don't tell those kind of secrets! So, we can neither confirm nor deny it's true. What we can say is that we have a growing list of talented and famous people who do buy clothing from us regularly.

Got a FACEBOOK site? Yeah, we do, but… truth is we don’t hang out there at all. We’re strictly old school, man. We’re hanging in retrograde on MYSPACE here: http://www.myspace.com/manecan - yes, our mannequin has complete control of the site. He’s often unruly when he isn’t modeling.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dig our NEW 1970's Gallery Man!

Oh, man! When you're a big and tall man... it's so damn hard trying to find genuine 70's vintage disco clothing... but, 6 foot 7 inch tall Jon got lucky with DressThatMan. He picked a super RARE baby blue XXL Leisure Suit off the racks and partied in pure retro style...

... check him out in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame here at DressThatMan.com!

Groove ON.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Get OUT and VOTE!

Make your voice count and get out and Vote, man.

We think that Super Tuesday November 4th, 2008 could set voting records in the USA for record turnout... which would be super cool, baby.

We've given staff all the time it takes to get out their vote and we're hoping that other employers across the USA will do the same. No matter who you vote for, it's important to vote.

Once the votes are in and our new President has been picked, we're gonna do what we do best here at DressThatMan.com and PARTY!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Yeah, man! A big shout out to all of the guys that purchased vintage 70's Leisure Suits, wild big collar disco shirts, flares, bell bottoms and original 1970's Men's Platform shoes from us for the Halloween 2008 Party season.

You guys are the reason why we work so hard at DressThatMan.com!

Yes, that's RAY in the above picture celebrating his 2008 birthday wearing a Nik-Nik designer disco shirt surrounded by women - you can see more of him in the gallery at DressThatMan here. No doubt, we'll be getting more Gallery Guys pics partying on Halloween after this weekend is over.

Thanks so much for making October 2008 a fantastic month, we couldn't do it without YOU, man.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Gallery Guy in the CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT

Whoa, man. Gordon Smedt is an amazing artist who is now featured in the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com!

He's rocking out in a sunshine yellow original 1970's Leisure Suit with his wife Suzanne by his side... check out his art and learn more about this super groovy man here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Looking for for original 70's clothing, man... DressThatMan.com is where it's at. We have more UNWORN men's clothing from the 1970's than you can shake a stick at. Vintage clothing ROCKS the RACKS here, baby!

Wild print 70's disco shirts, Leisure Suit jackets, full Leisure Suits, 1970's bell bottoms and flares, deadstock never-worn mens disco era Platform Shoes and more. We've also got collectible mens vintage clothing items from the fun and fabulous disco era.

Get your Vintage freak ON at DressThatMan.com

Monday, October 06, 2008


Check out these models wearing the newest creations by famed French fashion designer Pierre Cardin during the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2009 and Autumn-Winter 2009 collections. These photos were taken at his villa in Theoule sur Mer, southern France, on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008.

What the hell? Do you know anyone who actually yearns to look like a BUG and flit around town in either of these creations? While the first model appeases the photographer while striking a pose behind dark glasses as a big RED period with a pocket, that second model appears quite unhappy wearing the quilted kite with a shark fin head. Miserable perhaps due to only being able to move her arms at the elbow.

Born on July 7th, 1922... Pierre Cardin is a world famous Italian born French Fashion designer known for his avant-garde design and a love of geometric shapes. But, please Mr. Cardin... is this actually the haute couture of the future? We suspect if it was anyone BUT Pierre Cardin, these pictures would have never made fashion news. Ugh.

The 1970's has taken quite the rap for its eccentric and flashy funky fashion for years, and of course, the crew at DressThatMan.com fully promotes its revival to this day. We dig it.

Compared to this shit... the 1970's were dead ON serious, man.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Indie Bands Buy Groovy Clothes!

DressThatMan.com welcomes the band BrownLine Fiasco to the Celebrity Spotlight Gallery!

These Chicago guys know how to rock the stage in true vintage style...

... learn more about them here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You asked for it and you got it, man. DISCO CLOTHES! You wanna look the part and dress up 70's style for Halloween. Maybe you want to be John Travolta and wear a white disco suit from the 1970's. And, REAL vintage white suits from the disco era are like finding a needle in a haystack - and expensive if you find one. So, instead you opt for costume clothes. If that's you, then check this place out:

Of course, if you're throwing the party and want to look like you stepped back in time, you'll want to shop at DressThatMan.com - we've got MORE original 1970's clothes that are UNWORN and waiting for the right man to come along than any place you'll find worldwide. Bell bottoms and 70s flares, polyester leisure suits, wild print vintage disco shirts and authentic 1970's unworn Men's Platform Shoes.

Make your event historic by wearing the REAL vintage deal, man! Shop early so you get what you want... our stuff is flying off the shelves as you read this. If you wait until the last minute to shop express shipping is costly and you might not find that gem you are looking for in our inventory.

Don't forget the disco party accessories! You gotta have the Lava Lamp and the mirror disco ball to do it up right. If course, a strobe light and a fog machine would add to the funk factor...

Buy Really Cool Stuff @ CoolStuffCheap.com

Room Decor at SpencersOnline.com

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Check out our New Gallery Guys!

Thanks to Jeremy and Corey for sending us some super groovy photographs for the Dress That Man customer gallery... the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Thanks to them, these 1970's 2 pc and 3 pc vintage polyester leisure suits have found new life... check them out here.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Get DOWN in ORIGINAL 70's Clothes!

Check out our newest guy in the Celebrity Spotlight Gallery at DressThatMan.com!

It's none other than Randy Pantalonez from the Brutus Gold Love Train...

... see more pictures of Randy here.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Return Policy Changes at DressThatMan.com

DressThatMan.com Incorporated has recently instituted a change in our return policy and wanted to write a post and talk about the changes.

What has changed? We are now charging a nominal fee of 10% of the cost of the returned item(s) to cover restocking fees. Ugh (Yes, we did this kicking and screaming all the way). Previously, we had a 0% return policy (for 4 years) providing customers returned merchandise to us within a week, and only after that restocking fees applied. And, we liked that policy a LOT... because, as consumers we all thought that restocking fees were pure bullshit.

Yet, as a Corporation we have come to the realization that there is an ever increasing amount of time and costs involved in processing returns, and the 10% charge is nominal as compared to other online vintage clothing stores in the industry. Processing returns including the time for re-steaming, repackaging, adding to the online inventory along with additional bookkeeping costs involved have forced us to reevaluate the policy and make these changes.

While most didn't abuse our previous 0% return policy, a few did. When a customer orders several outfits with the intention of keeping one - it takes multiple items out of inventory and items offline for several weeks of non-availability to other customers. While we don't mind if you choose to order a couple of outfits and choose once they are in your hands, you will now pay the nominal 10% restocking fee for doing so. And, we cannot stress enough that you check the measurements on items and follow the sizing information section to minimize returns altogether.

Surprisingly, some online vintage clothing stores won't allow returns for anything other than "store credit ONLY" - a practice which, rest assured we will never institute. Why not?
Because, lets face it... due to the very nature of our mens vintage clothing, we know that many of you guys out there are purchasing from DressThatMan for a special event. We don't feel it's ethical from a business standpoint to hold you hostage in that way. Granted... while we'd like your money, our main goal will always be customer satisfaction with our merchandise.

As for our long standing repeat customers, the old 0% policy still applies. Special treatment?

You betcha.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Funky Fashion Hall of Fame - NEW GALLERY GUY

Here's our man Ray surrounded by hot chicks celebrating at his retro theme 70s birthday bash.

He's one guy who really knows how to party, man. Dig him looking super groovy and wearing an original 70's Nik-Nik disco shirt he scored from DressThatMan.com! Way to go Ray... and check out more pictures of him and his friends here.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Party People LOVE DressThatMan.com!

Movie Star good looks... we love it!

McChocolate has it going ON in original 1970s vintage attire. Put a happy man in an original 70s disco shirt and you know that good things are gonna happen...

... check him out in the Gallery!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Customer Service

Customer Service is where it's at, man. But... there are some people that you're never going to make happy. Ever. Just because.

Why? Mainly, because they are pissed off. And, this one began as a customer who apparently didn't win an ebay auction. That said customer is in possession of five shirts purchased from DressThatMan.com for him by his Mother for his birthday.

We won't name him, because we do have a privacy clause on the site and we don't ever release customer information without permission. Even though it was actually his Mother that was the customer and not him - technically we could post his information but we won't - so, if he gives us the go ahead - we'll release it. Along with the mp3 of his long telephone message he left on Memorial Day ending with he won't be shopping at DressThatMan.com again.

It's a well known fact that many of the top vintage stores both online and off, along with their network of buyers, do find specialized items on ebay that are purchased for resale. OK, so... the hot-under-the-collar customer was completely bent out of shape because number one: he had to apparently had to pay over 100 dollars for a rare 1970's Nik-Nik shirt that he felt he was in competition with a vintage clothing store for, thus jacking up the price. Blaming us and ticked off, because other shirts he wanted he was also outbid on. We've seen collectible Nik-Nik shirts go for just under 200 bucks on ebay in the past.

Unfair, shady business practice? Nope. Ebay is a free market, and we've got no doubt that Antique Dealers and specialized shops buy on ebay all of the time. In fact, we know of of many names that are used to buy vintage clothing items for online stores that are always buying on ebay. We don't have to name names. It's not warranted.

Is buying on ebay an unethical practice? Is buying something for resale and making a profit shady when you're in business? Hell, no. We're not talking widgets you can pick up a dime a dozen here in this particular instance. We're talking about a relatively rare items that are decades old and are NOT available on the racks at the mall for mass consumption. The rarest items are very often NOT the most profitable items due to their cost. Certain specialty items we have waiting lists for - if we can ever find them.

Many of our customers "don't do ebay, and would NEVER buy on ebay" Why? Because of past disappointments. Things not being what they said in the auction, things having issues: smelly items, damaged items and not being able to find EXACTLY what they want EXACTLY when they want it. Plus, many sellers don't accept returns and that's a hassle for some people.

Are we competing with our customers on ebay? Often we and our buyers are bidding against other vintage clothing retailers when it comes to specialized vintage clothing items. When a customer buys directly from DressThatMan.com and needs to return an item because it doesn't fit or isn't right for him for any reason, they can return it for a full refund. Minus shipping charges, which is pretty much standard in the industry. BUT what isn't standard in the vintage clothing business is that not everyone will give you your money back for a return and you are forced to accept store credit, a practice we don't think is fair. Why? Because vintage isn't for everybody and maybe you wouldn't find another item you actually wanted in any given online store.


Our customer service rep, Shelly called and left a voice mail message explaining that vintage clothing store shopping on ebay was a common practice and blah, blah... "I don't know what to tell you... maybe you should bid higher next time on ebay..."

OK... so maybe she could use a crash course in public relations - but, the comment wasn't exactly out of bounds considering it is ebay and the guy was pissed off he didn't win some auctions there.

DressThatMan.com Customer Specialist Taylor then wrote to him (via the email address on the original orders placed by his Mother) the same day:


Hi ::: name removed :::,

Thank you for the telephone call. We received your message that you left on Memorial Day today, May 27th, 2008.

The vast majority of Mens Vintage Clothing items we have at DressThatMan.com – come from the people who have them and contact us directly, and from warehouses that have long been closed.

It is a common practice for purveyors of vintage clothing to search for specialized and rare items in all possible sources. This includes ebay auctions. As for items not "showing up on the site" soon after an auction ends, the network buyer who then sells an items to the corporate division at DressThatMan.com often waits until they have several boxes of items since most buys are made in bulk. You mentioned an item that went for 100 dollars on ebay and then shows up on the site for 50 dollars more. Whatever Nik-Nik shirt you are referencing …in vintage retail, a standard mark up of 50% is well within reason. Chances are, the mark up was even less – because our network of buyers also have to make a profit. At DressThatMan.com, we have retail buyers waiting for Nik-Nik disco shirts worldwide, so it would be no surprise to us to find that ebay would be a source in the network of vintage clothing buyers who then sell to us. Many of the vintage Nik-Nik shirts we obtain never make the site for general public consumption due to the waiting list we have.

As for ebay, it's a free market. Our network of buyers are not in direct competition with the customers who shop at DressThatMan.com – our buyers are simply searching for items on our most wanted list.

We're sorry that you are disappointed that you didn't win an ebay auction, and we're sorry to hear that you won't be shopping at DressThatMan.com because of it.



Customer Specialist


::: start :::
Then we get this from ::: name removed :::

Thank you for returning my call last week. This is the last message you will hear from me, but I felt your comments warranted a reply. You conveyed that buying clothes on Ebay and then re-selling them on your site is within ethical bounds. I simply want to know why this source is not listed on your site's section: Where do you get all this stuff?

I just want to reiterate that I am disappointed with your business practices, because I love your site and the merchandise you offer. I simply want you to stop and think about the limited options your clients have when it comes to making ONLINE purchases. I never said it is illegal for you to attain clothes from Ebay, but I think an ethical boundary has been crossed in directly competing with your customers on an alternative site for purchasing vintage clothing. If you feel that Ebay is fair game, then I simply encourage you to be truthful with your customers and include Ebay on this section of your site. Why hide the truth? I have taken the liberty of writing the copy for you so you will have more time to scour Ebay for other incredible bargains.

Where do you get all this stuff?
While you sleep, we are scouring the globe. When you are awake, we may be shopping on Ebay. While you are waiting to see if your $100 bid for a Nik Nik shirt will result in a happy ending, don't be surprised if we outbid you at the last minute. Don't worry, the shirt is not completely lost to you forever. Just wait patiently for about a month, and then you can pay $150 for that same shirt at DressThatMan.com. There is no reason to frown. We've got you covered! DressThatMan's buyers are super savvy garment zombies who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and chase and take pride in the fact that we hand pick all of our selections according to higher standards. Not much makes us happier than finding great stuff that ultimately makes you happy and deflates your bank account. Then it's happy - happy - happy ...all the way around. We love that almost as much as we love inflation. Although, we get some of our best vintage merchandise directly from the original owners, the man who loved his vintage fashions and still does, except he can't fit into it anymore and wants it to have a good home. Some items come from estate sales, vintage shops and through an ever increasing network of reliable people who buy things specifically for DressThatMan.com and know us by our high standards.

All the best,
::: name removed :::
Columbus, OH

P.S. I converted your snide voicemail ("I don't know what to tell you... BID HIGHER NEXT TIME") to an mp3 file. I'm still trying to decide the best way to share it with others. www.dressthatmanEXPOSED.com???

::: end :::


Snide voice mail? A number of people were in the office when the message was left and it wasn't snide in the least. Send the mp3.

It's a fact. It's ebay. You lose an online auction because your bid wasn't high enough. Bid higher.

We understand that some of our items are pricey, and we also know that not everyone can afford to buy vintage clothing items from DressThatMan.com and that ebay along with other, smaller vintage clothing stores are options. But, we also understand our customer base and the fact that we have many wealthy clientèle who want certain rare, difficult to source and collectible items and the bottom line is that we are in the business to find them.

By the way, we did have the webmaster add "online auctions" to the list on the FAQ page of the site.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do It Yourselfers Beware!

We knocked our site of Commission last night trying to upgrade some software. Deludged with mail throughout the night informing us our site was down, as any link that was clicked on, users got the following bright white nearly naked but rather blaring page with these words:

---- begin error message ----
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@dressthatman.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
---- end error message ----

Oh, it was nothing that YOU did by clicking on the site, the problem was clearly at our end. You did not cause the error. We thought we could interpret what seemed to be some relatively simple instructions and upgrade our shopping cart software to address some minor bugs and NOOOOOOO... we put 'er down. By the time 11 pm rolled around, we knew it was a case of having to wait rather sheepishly for technical support to come to the rescue the next day.

We're all about empowerment through trying things. Common mantra being, "I think I can... I think I can..." the fact is, some things are better left untouched while you're thinking you can. Try thinking you can wait.

Anyway... we got technical support working on cleaning up the atrocities we have committed upon ourselves and the site was working again before many of you even knew it was down. Throwing money at certain problems tends to do the trick.

Yeah, we'll still collectively sing the mantra, "I think I can... I think I can..." but, the next time we get that feeling when it comes to technical aspects of the DressThatMan.com ecommerce site... we're gonna change our tune to, "I think I can delegate this task to the appropriate technical group."

We've learned a valuable lesson, and we've duly spanked ourselves in the process.

Listen up. Save your ass.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nik Nik Italian Disco Shirts

Of all the original Disco Shirts from the 1970's, Italian made Nik-Nik shirts are the most collectible.
At DressThatMan.com, we have waiting lists for these groovy shirts!

Check out our current collection here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Still Groovin', Man!

Our celebrity gallery guy, Dez is still workin' it! He knows that wearing authentic 1970's clothing gets it him plenty of attention, and when you're an actor... attention is paramount, baby.

DressThatMan.com is all about providing top quality original vintage clothing for MEN who aren't afraid to be the center of attention - especially 1970's style. We dare you to attempt to be nonchalant and go grocery shopping in these threads. Please take lots of photos if you do. Especially of the amused shoppers that will surely be staring. Of course... you'll need a photographing friend along to lag behind and record the details. It could be fun, man. Really. People need reasons to smile. You could be the IT guy that accomplishes that task. Spread the love.

We do not recommend applying for a bank loan in these clothes, but then again... if your banker possesses that 1970's era disco soul... it could give you just the advantage you need.

Go wild. Release your inner disco man!

Friday, May 02, 2008

What is Vintage Clothing?

The term “vintage” has different connotations to different people, but here at DressThatMan.com we’re talking specifically about Men’s Vintage Clothing. And, we consider true vintage clothing to be mens fashions that were manufactured in the past – up to 1980.

We’ve notice a surge in modern day manufacturers in using the word vintage associated with their clothing. Modern vintage style clothing being manufactured today, certainly isn’t the true vintage we are offering on our website.

Without naming names, there are several modern day clothing companies that, for example, that are selling what they call “vintage” denim jeans. Most often, these jeans have a distressed, worn appearance. Apparently, the marketing wheels behind these companies feel that by making their jeans look “old” it’s OK to call them vintage. Yes, it’s somewhat misleading – but, it’s a marketing tactic that isn’t particularly unusual when the sole objective is the sale.

The word vintage according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, clearly refers to the year a vintner harvests and produces wine from a vineyard and a period of origin and manufacture, length of existence meaning age.

A pair of genuine vintage denim Levi Bellbottom Jeans from the 1970’s is not at all like modern day “vintage” style clothing. For one, the heavy denim was originally manufactured in San Francisco, California USA. Initially rather stiff, this extra heavy-duty 100% cotton denim from Levi’s is not being reproduced today. People who lived in the era and owned a pair of these original jeans know exactly what we’re talking about. And they will recall that these jeans took some time to break in and they would outlast any pair of jeans offered in the market today. The shrink-to-fit denim would take a very long time, and many, many trips to the washing machine and dryer to gently fade from their original indigo blue color. These were the superior Levi jeans, which are today classified as genuine vintage 1970’s Levi’s. Sought after by celebrities, collectors and vintage purists today because of their age and high quality construction.

The vast majority of shoppers at DressThatMan.com do wear the vintage clothing they purchase. Granted, there are some collectors who will buy deadstock (unworn vintage) clothing for display publicly or privately, for nostalgic reasons or to hold onto as a potential investment. We also have many Hollywood and Theatrical costumers and department heads who buy genuine vintage to outfit or, as a guide to reproduce clothing for film, theater and print.

We try to make it clear on the website exactly what vintage means, but we consistently get inquiries which make it clear to us that some people don't understand exactly what vintage clothing is. "Can I get this shirt in an XL?, Can I get 10 of these bellbottoms in the following sizes... Can I backorder this sold item? When will you be getting more of these suits in? etc. True vintage is an original article of clothing that was manufactured decades ago in a particular era. Therefore, these items have a limited supply unlike modern day manufactured clothing.

The best advice we can give you is: If it says VINTAGE on the label…

… it ISN’T true vintage.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1970's Fashion is FUN!

Oh YEAH, man. 1970's fashion for Men was and is FUN and damn FUNNY, too!

So very appropriate is SHIR1970 shown here that it deserves a special mention. Certain prints don't last long on the site and this is sure to be one of them.

In the seventies, it was commonplace to wear snug shirts and practically painted on super TIGHT polyester pants with your platform shoes when you were stepping out on the town. Today, men wear their clothing much looser than they did in the 70's.

Which is exactly WHY some guys who buy authentic vintage disco clothes from us, have complete giggle fits when they put these clothes on. Sometimes, their partners think they look great, yet they fear leaving the house and being laughed at... even though they cannot stop laughing themselves.

The crazy prints in disco era shirts were often loud and gaudy and, the range of colors in polyester pants often defied explanation and comparison. Since polyester is colorfast and doesn't fade or wrinkle much, and is hardy in the stain resistance department, your pants would look just as bright as the day you bought them for as long as you kept them in your wardrobe.

If you are a man who never lived through the most decadent and and funky fashion era known as the 1970's, it's gonna feel mighty weird to put these clothes on. BUT... if you can suck it up and release your inner studly 70's man and funk it up in genuine clothing from the seventies, you're sure to have a blast from the past!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Dig seeing spots, man? We've got a limited number of genuine 1970's polka dot shirts that are UNWORN and ready for you retro loving men.

Big butterfly collars in slinky polyester... these far out shirts are looking for some action. After waiting decades to find their very own handsome stud, they long to be shown off and taken out on the town.

Yes, Sir. We've got an assortment of these shirts in various sizes in long and short sleeve variations, and... in a few other colors like red and blue.

These aren't reproduction or modern day fashions that are currently being churned out in the hundreds of thousands... these are pristine ORIGINAL 70's fashions that have survived decades with the hopes they'd finally find a man of their own.

Since DressThatMan.com sells worldwide, chances are incredibly slim that you'd pass another fellow wearing the exact same vintage 70's shirt.

Grab 'em while we've got 'em in your size if you crave polka dots!

Monday, March 31, 2008


Attention all you DISCO FREAKS out there! We've got another limited amount of genuine UNWORN men's vintage disco shirts in hard to find XL sizing. Check 'em out here.

We specialize in funky seventies fashion for MEN only. If you dig the retro vibe, just wanna look unique or you have a disco theme party to go to... check us out.

Men's genuine 1970's XL wild print Disco Shirts are hard to find... and even rarer in the larger sizes. So, grab 'em while we have 'em!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dezmond does it 70's Style!

Check out Actor Dezmond Gilla in the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com!

He's living proof that wearing genuine 70's vintage clothing just might give you a new attitude.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Party in a 1970's Polyester Leisure Suit!

Oh, man! Is John a fun guy or WHAT?

Not a soul could slap the smile off his face once he stepped into that sleazy feeling only a genuine polyester 70's Leisure Suit can give a man.

Check him out in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan.com!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008 from DressThatMan.com

Thanks to you guys, 2007 was a fabulous year at DressThatMan.com!

In 2007, we had 1 MILLION visitors who looked at 4 MILLION pages on the site. THAT alone has us entirely energized. We're truly looking forward to ringing in the 2008 New Year that will offer you wild men out there a dazzling array of DEADSTOCK Men's Vintage items. After all of the Holiday partying and overindulging, we're getting back into the swing and are busy behind the scenes prepping items that will soon be listed on the site. You can expect to see LOADS MORE of Men's genuine 1970's unworn clothing in all size ranges on the site in the near future.

We'd like to take the time to thank all of our customers for shopping with us. You guys really are a freakin' BLAST! And, we're happy to enable you to have a real riot wearing authentic vintage clothing. We'd also like to shout out a big THANKS, MAN to our many repeat customers, various theater groups, designers, costumers and production companies we have worked with throughout the past year.

YES, it's you guys who make DressThatMan.com what it is and what it is becoming and we're proud to be providing an environmentally conscious product to the world in the form of prime Mens Vintage Clothing and we're collectively thrilled to be making y'all so damn happy in doing so.

Without YOU, we'd just be a mountain consisting mainly of polyester.

It's unlikely you could ski on that ...but, with all of the wild colors and patterns involved... it might be a pretty postcard right before it was deemed an eyesore by the town council.