Thursday, January 29, 2009

Men's Disco Clothes from the 70's

Whoa, man! Got a disco party to go to and nothing groovy to wear? If you're a lucky man then this suit will fit you like a glove.

Believe it or not, this genuine 1970's is UNWORN and was purchased in California back in 1975 for 75 bucks, which according to the inflation calculator makes this suit worth just under 300 bucks in today's cash. For whatever reason, the man who bought it never wore it - so it's been in storage ever since.

Check out the details on this authentic vintage 1970's polyester leisure suit here. One guy in the world is going to get incredibly lucky in this top stitched suit!

The suit is a 38 jacket with a 36" waist and 29" inseam with an additional 2" you can let out in the inseam.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vintage Leather Jackets

There's nothing that screams 70's cool than an original leather jacket from the era. If you're a 40S - you could be the lucky man to snag this groovy retro leather jacket.

Broke in and formerly adored back in the disco era, this jacket has been hanging around in the dark for decades hoping it would again see the light of day with a handsome man the second time around.

We measure all items flat on a table as per our sizing instructions here. See if you measure up, man!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Wow! Check out this original disco era gem of a suit. RUST color with contrasting stitching. This suit is machine washable and is in size 38L with pants that are 32x31 with enough extra length in the inseam to let them down another 1-1/2 inches.

Get the complete details on this genuine vintage 70's suit here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1970's Star Trek Disco Shirt

Whoa, Star Trek fans! Just when you thought you had the entire collection of Star Trek Memorabilia... take a look at this UNWORN genuine 70's big butterfly collar shirt by Huk-A-Poo.

Get the details on this rare and groovy collectible shirt here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

1970's Vintage Jeans

Looking for 70's flares and bell bottom jeans from the disco era? Check out Dress That Man for some genuine denim fashion that is UNWORN.

1970's denim Levi's have superior fabrics in comparison to what you'll find on the racks in stores today. Those jeans are heavy duty and feel stiff until you break them in by wearing them and washing them several times, and... they wear like iron. Just ask your Dad or your Grandfather. They'll know exactly what we are talking about.

We've also got a limited number of late 60's and early 70's denim jeans. These vintage jeans also have a 14 oz heavy duty denim fabric. Plus, they are SANFORIZED meaning the fabric was specifically treated using a 1930 trademarked process to reduce shrinkage in cotton-blend fabrics to less than 1%. You can read more about the Sanforized process here.

Not all vintage jeans are created equal. One popular (made for the department store masses) from the 1970's was the "Male" brand - the fabric as well as the construction of this particular brand was made of cheaper materials and methods. Yes, there certainly are plenty of others that fall into that category of lesser quality and construction (such as many sailor type patch pocket jeans from the 70's) - but, the "Male" brand is one that stands out, as there seems to be a lot of them still out there in the vintage market.

We get a few Male brand vintage items on occasion, mainly because they were part of a large lot, but we don't actively pursue that brand any longer after receiving complaints on the quality of the construction - which we agree with!

Nothing beats the heavy duty denim in original vintage flares and bells, man!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Men's Vintage 70's Clothing

Looking for Mens Vintage Clothing from the 1970's Disco Era? Look no further than to bring you the top notch original fashions you love!

Check out this original UNWORN wild print 1970's big butterfly collar shirt made of 100% stretchy nylon fabric. Size: Small - see it here.

Can't wear a SMALL size shirt? See the entire collection of mens vintage shirts we have here and search for the size that will work for you.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mens Vintage 1950's Shirts

Genuine 1950's fashion for Men!

Yes, Sir. 1950's unworn shirts are a gem of a find.

Made by Kolesport Sportswear, this particular shirt features an intricate embellishment of embroidery on the upper right chest panel. 100% Rayon. If you can wear a medium shirt, then check out this hep cat original here.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Site Statistics 2008:

Oh, man. Speculation abounds as well as disinformation.

A website was brought to our attention recently where we were being discussed here. Which then led us to this post here - yes, one that we found rather amusing.

PayPal rotates the featured shops, and
has NEVER sent us "millions" of visitors even when we are up there in the featured space! Rest assured.

As we have disclosed on our myspace page - in 2008, we had over 1,200,000 visitors look at over 4 million pages. We should know, having total access to the server stats. Yep. We surely know, baby.

As a Vintage Clothing store for MEN only, with a major emphasis on fashion from the 70's disco era, we are quite clear
ly a specialty enterprise that is focused intensely on a niche market. One which would only be appealing to a segment of Men, women and costumers who are seriously looking specifically for original vintage clothing.

We're doing what we should be doing, man. Concentrating on funking you wild guys up. And, remaining relevant to our cause.

The fact is there are many sites out there offering speculative and erroneous information about us: Alexa, Quantcast and more. Of course, Alexa stats are driven by people who have the "Alexa to
olbar" installed, which doesn't reveal the big picture - and Quantcast... well, they'd like to sell us something and then post all of the statistics. Uh huh.

We've also noticed a recent insurgence of bullshit keyword spamming type websites with our name in them for what reason we aren't sure - other than they are desperate in trying to get hits, so they add as many "keywords"
as possible and we happen to be one of them. Yet, we haven't noticed one person arriving on our site from any of them. Hmmmm.

Having a website is much more than how many "hits" you get.

It all comes down to what you've got once they arrive.

Friday, January 02, 2009

HAPPY 2009 from!

Thanks for keeping it real and funking it up in 2008, man... it's all about you guys... and you ROCK, baby!

Onward into 2009 and we'll be hunkering down in the DressThatMan bunkers prepping more fabulous vintage clothing for you. After doing our year end inventory, we've discovered a many hidden gems in our warehouse stock. Yes! We've literally got thousands of unlisted items we'll be prepping and listing in the New Year.

Thanks for making 2008 another fantastic year at!