Thursday, June 14, 2012

1970's Men's Disco Pants

1970's Disco CostumesMens 1970's ClothesMens Disco PantsMens Disco CostumesDisco Clothes for MenVintage 1970's Clothing has your pants, man! If you're looking high and low for some cool men's 1970's authentic disco era pants that have never been worn by another man, chances are good we've got 'em in stock. We've recently acquired a mountain of mens disco era pants in prime sizes from waist 33" to rare XL sizing up to waist 42". And, if you've been searching online or off, you already know how difficult it is to source real man sizing in vintage clothing - particularly in genuine 1970's fashion.

Deadstock Vintage (original clothing specific to a bygone era that has never been worn) is an indulgence of luxury and a pleasure to wear for the creative and vibrant man. Your mere presence says it all in whatever you do. You know that impression is everything, so why show up at the retro themed event wearing a cheesy costume that, chances are good, some other guy will be wearing. No way man. You want the REAL THING. Real clothes that men wore in the 1970's. 

Some men who crave Deadstock Vintage Clothing, simply cannot bear the thought of wearing clothing that was previously worn by another man. Doesn't matter if it was dry cleaned or freshly laundered - the thought creeps some of you out. We know, because we've heard it repeatedly, and we truly appreciate your honesty.

Which leads us to another familiar question we get...

How can I find my pant size on your site?

First thing you need to do is to actually measure a pair of pants you own that fit (dress pants - not jeans). Don't measure your body and don't go by what tag size you think or know you wear. We measure everything on the site flat on a table so you can get the best possible fit. Modern day sizing tags don't generally measure up as they are tagged. See more about how we measure here.

Once you have the waist and inseam measurement, you can put it in the search box on the website like this example: "34x32" and hit the enter key.

When you initiate the search with the measured size, it will pull up all of the available pants in that size - including pants that can be altered in the inseam length to that specific size.

Of course you can always peruse our pant catalog by general sizing: SMALL (waist 32" and under) - Medium (waist 33" - 35") - Large (waist 36" - 38") and XL (waist 39" and UP)

We'll be busy adding more deadstock vintage mens clothing over the summer, including men's 1970's disco pants in solid colors. Keep an eye on our site - we've got loads of great merchandise we're prepping for you.