Thursday, April 17, 2008

1970's Fashion is FUN!

Oh YEAH, man. 1970's fashion for Men was and is FUN and damn FUNNY, too!

So very appropriate is SHIR1970 shown here that it deserves a special mention. Certain prints don't last long on the site and this is sure to be one of them.

In the seventies, it was commonplace to wear snug shirts and practically painted on super TIGHT polyester pants with your platform shoes when you were stepping out on the town. Today, men wear their clothing much looser than they did in the 70's.

Which is exactly WHY some guys who buy authentic vintage disco clothes from us, have complete giggle fits when they put these clothes on. Sometimes, their partners think they look great, yet they fear leaving the house and being laughed at... even though they cannot stop laughing themselves.

The crazy prints in disco era shirts were often loud and gaudy and, the range of colors in polyester pants often defied explanation and comparison. Since polyester is colorfast and doesn't fade or wrinkle much, and is hardy in the stain resistance department, your pants would look just as bright as the day you bought them for as long as you kept them in your wardrobe.

If you are a man who never lived through the most decadent and and funky fashion era known as the 1970's, it's gonna feel mighty weird to put these clothes on. BUT... if you can suck it up and release your inner studly 70's man and funk it up in genuine clothing from the seventies, you're sure to have a blast from the past!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Dig seeing spots, man? We've got a limited number of genuine 1970's polka dot shirts that are UNWORN and ready for you retro loving men.

Big butterfly collars in slinky polyester... these far out shirts are looking for some action. After waiting decades to find their very own handsome stud, they long to be shown off and taken out on the town.

Yes, Sir. We've got an assortment of these shirts in various sizes in long and short sleeve variations, and... in a few other colors like red and blue.

These aren't reproduction or modern day fashions that are currently being churned out in the hundreds of thousands... these are pristine ORIGINAL 70's fashions that have survived decades with the hopes they'd finally find a man of their own.

Since sells worldwide, chances are incredibly slim that you'd pass another fellow wearing the exact same vintage 70's shirt.

Grab 'em while we've got 'em in your size if you crave polka dots!