Tuesday, March 06, 2007

before YOU pay for SEO services

DressThatMan.com would like to send out a warning to those of you who are contemplating paying for SEO services. We get several requests every week to add links to our site, or... to exchange links. Unfortunately, the buyer of such services may not know who they are dealing with, or what SEO services actually are and what they can do for you.

Anyone who tells you that they can GUARANTEE or even PROMISE, your website or company will magically appear at the top of search engines in exchange for money is completely full of shit. For one, if it WAS true, then how could "everyone" be there. It's ridiculous. In fact, some of the SEO practices we've seen, they could actually penalize your site.

We get crap like this all the time:

Dear Webmaster

As a part of an ongoing campaign to increase the Link Popularity of our client's web site I am looking for some related web sites like yours to exchange links with... blah, blah, blah....

Such requests to exchange links are generally, and obviously, from people who have never bothered to visit the DressThatMan.com site, yet are looking for "related web sites like yours..."

Hello? What do Tree Trimming Services, women's lingerie, dog food, car parts and diapers have to do with DressThatMan.com? Hmmmm... ok, so you're late for the disco party because you need a part for your car. Before you get into that leisure suit, you put a diaper on your dog and feed it. Then, you grab your cell phone and climb a tree wearing women's lingerie. Good thinking on grabbing that cell phone, because now you can't get down and now you have to call a Tree Trimming Service to come and rescue you.

Typing in "SEO rip off" in Google will get you nearly a million results. These people prey on the fact that many people just don't understand how things work and are willing to pay for results that most likely will never materialize. There are plenty of sharks and scammers out there who will take your money by preying on what you don't know, or... your fears. Remember Y2K? The fear based hoopla that amounted to a huge Chicken Little story... then you know what I mean.

Your best bet is to do your homework and do it yourself because nobody knows your company or website like you do yourself. At DressThatMan.com we have done all of our SEO work in-house and are tweaking here and there as warranted. We've spent time educating ourselves on website related relevancy issues, SEO practices, how search engines are supposed to work, search engine algorithms, etc.

We are totally committed to growing our site and to the success of it. At DressThatMan, we are busy behind the scenes concentrating on dishing up the funky new and vintage fashions that men love, and continually striving to surpass our high quality standards in-house.

What's the point of constantly spending time trying to be number 1 on the search engines, or blindly throwing money at it because of promises made, if the bottom line is... you just don't have the goods once a visitor arrives? Being in the top 10 on any search engine is only as good as the relevancy your product or service has to a potential customer.

That's also our theory in paying for advertising as well. If you're gonna pay for it, you'd better be able to pony up once that visitor clicks your link. Don't over hype what you don't have.

Don't let people sell you what you don't need, based on fear.

On the other hand, if you're reading this and don't buy a disco shirt or something else from DressThatMan.com within 5 minutes...