Saturday, December 31, 2005

Men's Vintage Clothing: Marketing - part 2

Wrote to Google in regard to the yanked AdWords Ad containing the term FUNKED UP that I spoke of in the last post.

I pointed out to them that eBay was running an ad with the word FUNKED in it. And, hey... eBay is a BIG money maker and waaaay bigger than us here at DressThatMan, but - that really isn't the point, is it? It's the whole principal of the shady funked up deal, man.

If a word or term is banned on Google AdWords, then it is. For everyone.

Here's a portion of the response from the kind folks over at Google:

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your email.

I've confirmed that you currently have no disapproved ads, and your ad
text with:

Pimp Ya Hide, Man
We'll Funk Ya Up in 70s Disco Suits
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

is approved and running on Google.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies.

An error was made.

It's OK to be
Funked Up again. We've got permission.

Happy New Year! Time to smack on that retro polyester kick ass bellbottom suit and get that party started.

I mean, to get completely far out and totally Funked Up.

To enable my head to ring in the New Year when I wake up tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Men's Vintage Clothing: Marketing

Yesterday, Google sent us a little smack via email regarding one of the 3 ads we're running. It has amused us to the point we are still snickering.

The big picture: Hey, we know that they are just doing their job. We adore Google and if we weren't working here, we'd love to be working with them. They have a great thing going on. Who wouldn't want to jump on that bandwagon? They ROCK!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Marketing - our online vintage clothing store for men. Right now, chock full of mens funky fashions and ready more. We're excited about things to come.

Our recent pay-per-click ads place great emphasis on the 1970's disco clothing for men we're currently specializing in and featuring prominently on the site.
When it came to internet marketing, wanted something different, that approach appears to be working extremely well for us.

We decided to run a few ads beginning in the fall. We got the little smack for one of the 3 we're running.

Truthfully, the email from Google was nothing more than a standard form type letter, and we can assume it's basic protocol.

Here's a portion of the e-mail we received yesterday:

Our Google AD TEXT:
Pimp Ya Hide, Man
Funked Up Retro 70's Disco Suits,
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

Ad Status: Suspended - Pending Revision

Ad Issue(s): Inappropriate Language


Ad Content: We do not allow text ads or image ads containing "Funked" to run on Google at this time. Please remove this inappropriate language from your ad, and we will be happy to run your ad on Google.

- - - > so, what did we do? - - - of course, we changed that particular AD!

To this:
Pimp Ya Hide, Man
We'll Funk Ya Up in 70s Disco Suits

Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

The hilarious thing about this is that we have an older ad that's been running for quite some time now.

It looks like this:

Mens 1970s Disco Clothes

get totally Funked Up 70's style
at for Men only!

It's still running! With the "not allowed" term, the banned, word FUNKED.
I suppose it won't be long until we get another email informing us to change the text on that AD. Especially because I'm pointing that out in blogger, Google's very own blog tool! Silly me.

The general consensus around here is that someone complained and Google looked into it and decided it was naughty and not nice. Which undoubtedly leaves us off a few Christmas lists.

But, hey... that's the way it goes. The complainer can feel free to send us a lump of coal.

Actually, if it WAS a complaint originating from someone in a similar line of business I think that is a marvelous compliment!
They are paying attention!

If the people at Google we're simply performing a routine check on their ads, clearly... they would have seen all 3 ads and noticed that naughty banned word, "FUNKED."

We can deduce from that information alone it wasn't an inside job at Google. Someone pointed out that particular ad to them.

Who cares who “reported” the ad?

We remain vastly amused.

So, funk off.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Leisure Suits exhaulted

Imagine that. Leisure Suits. Getting the respect they deserve at last. Disco fashion staple for men.

Enshrined in Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan we have one Leisure Suit ensemble on exhibit.

check it out!

Monday, December 12, 2005

there's a NEW MAN in town

While it's true that our mannequins don't exactly talk, we want you to know that they are highly capable of thought processing.

So, we developed a finely tuned method in which their thoughts would take over the keyboard and upload to blogger. And, we had to use stem cells from house mice to do it. We're working on the patent now. :::end:::

.... program initializing

.... ready to begin interface

.... connected

It's exhausting being one of the guys. You're forced to dance in between shoots. 16 hour days are not unheard of. Plus! Some of the stuff they make us wear, we peons have no say in it.

The boss doesn't believe it - but, the night staff has been known to slap us around. After an evening of such abuse, we barely rest when we are AGAIN listening to that relentless thumping, evil beat of DISCO music that never really goes away when the lights are off. Not even after the slapping is over.

How would you like to be a virtual concubine subject to the whims of your many masters while you are literally forced to change your clothes at the drop of a hat and pose for photographs on a daily basis? And... to wear colors that just don't look good on you. KNOWING the entire time that these photographs will appear on the... INTERNET! Lord knows what the pervs....

.... programming failure

.... transmission interupted

.... dump stack

Friday, December 09, 2005

NOS Vintage Suits 39R DEADSTOCK

We've just received 6 gorgeous mens vintage wool suits from a gentleman in California that were made by the the now defunct Michaels/Stern Company in Rochester New York. Deadstock, baby! Brand new old stock (NOS). >>> yes, that ALWAYS excites us <<<. Still with the tags attached and unhemmed, ready to alter to fit you perfectly pants.

The downside is that the only size we got was 39 Regular in all 6 suits. The upside is that there are some guys out there who can wear a 39R! These are the men are going to get incredibly lucky.

The suits are late 1960's to early 1970's. Perfect for the MOD look!

When we get some pics of 'em, we'll throw one up here.