Friday, August 08, 2008

Return Policy Changes at Incorporated has recently instituted a change in our return policy and wanted to write a post and talk about the changes.

What has changed? We are now charging a nominal fee of 10% of the cost of the returned item(s) to cover restocking fees. Ugh (Yes, we did this kicking and screaming all the way). Previously, we had a 0% return policy (for 4 years) providing customers returned merchandise to us within a week, and only after that restocking fees applied. And, we liked that policy a LOT... because, as consumers we all thought that restocking fees were pure bullshit.

Yet, as a Corporation we have come to the realization that there is an ever increasing amount of time and costs involved in processing returns, and the 10% charge is nominal as compared to other online vintage clothing stores in the industry. Processing returns including the time for re-steaming, repackaging, adding to the online inventory along with additional bookkeeping costs involved have forced us to reevaluate the policy and make these changes.

While most didn't abuse our previous 0% return policy, a few did. When a customer orders several outfits with the intention of keeping one - it takes multiple items out of inventory and items offline for several weeks of non-availability to other customers. While we don't mind if you choose to order a couple of outfits and choose once they are in your hands, you will now pay the nominal 10% restocking fee for doing so. And, we cannot stress enough that you check the measurements on items and follow the sizing information section to minimize returns altogether.

Surprisingly, some online vintage clothing stores won't allow returns for anything other than "store credit ONLY" - a practice which, rest assured we will never institute. Why not?
Because, lets face it... due to the very nature of our mens vintage clothing, we know that many of you guys out there are purchasing from DressThatMan for a special event. We don't feel it's ethical from a business standpoint to hold you hostage in that way. Granted... while we'd like your money, our main goal will always be customer satisfaction with our merchandise.

As for our long standing repeat customers, the old 0% policy still applies. Special treatment?

You betcha.