Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1970's Disco Pants for TALL Guys!

DressThatMan.com has a wave coming, man! Authentic vintage mens BELLBOTTOM pants from the 70's that are UNWORN deadstock. That's right. Original clothes from the seventies that have waited for DECADES to find the right man.

The best thing about these beauties is the fact that they are super LONG and unhemmed for you TALL men who want to dress up classy for a disco party. Get them hemmed to fit you EXACTLY. These have been on our MOST WANTED list for years, as extra long bell bottom pants are tough to find in authentic vintage from the 1970's.

Now the tall guys aren't gonna have a problem finding classic 70's fashion that will suit their height. Costume clothes and cheap reproduction bellbottoms just don't cut it for the vast majority of our customers - and we're excited that this development is going to make a LOT of men very happy to look like they could cut to the front of the line at Studio 54 on the busiest of evenings back in the 1970's.

Watch for more flared and bellbottom pant styles and sizes coming soon, and in the meantime... check out what we have in stock now in the DISCO PANTS department.

We carry a LOT of mens NEVER WORN, deadstock vintage 70's era clothes at DressThatMan. Take a look at ALL of our deadstock vintage clothing for men here.

We specialize in mens NEW old stock vintage clothing from the seventies for MEN ONLY! Get your groove ON in vintage clothes that have true funky style.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Hey, man! Dress That Man has a LIMITED NUMBER of to get you big guys movin' and groovin' to the disco beat in ORIGINAL 1970's mens wild print disco shirts that are in PRISTINE never worn vintage condition.

No smelly, musty old vintage disco shirts here, man. These bad boys are as fresh and new as the day they were born back in the 1970's. We broke these funky shirts out of a genuine Motown time capsule and are bringing them to the streets so the big guys can PARTY down like it's 1977. That's right. These shirts were LOVED so much they were locked away for decades - we still love 'em and we know you will, too.

No cheesy costume clothes or reproduction 1970's fashion for the men who shop at DressThatMan.com - check out the men's XL vintage shirt collection here, and take one of these groovy shirts to the streets courtesy of the crew at DressThatMan - where genuine 1970's fashion for MEN ONLY lives on.

XL and XXL disco shirts sell fast, so don't miss out!

Monday, November 05, 2007

We BUSTED ASS in October 2007!

Check out our newest Gallery guy - Lawyer Jesse the Pimp. Can YOU pick the DressThatMan.com guy out of the crowd in the pic above? We think he stands out a mile! See more of him here.

The crew at DressThatMan.com would like to thank you for making October 2007 our most frenzied month to date. With over 100,000 visitors who looked at a combined total of a half a million pages, you had us working overtime trying to keep up with the orders and the high demand for the grooviest Men's Vintage Clothing on the planet.

Thanks for pushing us to our limits and giving us the most fabulous month - you guys are so appreciative and SO much fun! You made our being collectively exhausted worthwhile...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Deadstock VINTAGE 70's TUXEDO

Wow! Some lucky guy is gonna score BIG in this vintage AFTER SIX tuxedo from the 70s. The 3 pc tuxedo and two bow ties are DEADSTOCK original 70's stock and have NEVER been worn. The tux shirt included, has been gently pre-worn but is such a great match it's included in the deal.

A classy tux for a classy guy... this one-of-a-kind suit is available in a size 40R. The pants are unhemmed, waiting for a custom inseam and will fit a waist size of 33, 34, and 35 - size adjustable. Perfect for a wedding or a super classy 70's event for a very particular, retro loving man. Check it our here.

Disco Shirts from the 1970's

If you can wear a SMALL size mens DISCO SHIRT, this 3-D tree print shirt in 100% nylon is one of the graphically grooviest shirts we currently have online.

Big butterfly collar and an all over print that you can practically fall into. One of a kind vintage shirts from the 1970's like this never last long on the site...

... can YOU take the attention this shirt will create, man?


Yes! DressThatMan.com's BIGGEST SECRET has been revealed. Some women LOVE wearing our clothes. Check out Robertina, our newest member in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame. With her model good looks, she is surely a force to be reckoned with... check her out here.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Check out MIKE the newest inductee to DressThatMan.com's customer Gallery here.

Our guys clearly have all the fun wearing authentic 70's vintage disco clothes!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Got a Halloween party to go to and haven't a clue as to what costume to dress up in?

Yeah... we know that not every guy can afford to dress up in ORIGINAL clothing from the 70s, so check out the link above for Halloween costume clothing ideas. Grab some costume disco clothes, a pirate outfit or whatever suits you, man.



Searching for a disco costume?

Friday, September 14, 2007


DEEP DOWN ENZO band member guitarist MATTI rocks out in WILD CLOTHES he got from DressThatMan.com!

Check him and the band out in the Celebrity Spotlight here.

Yes, it's the secret of many musicians, they often wear vintage clothing when performing on stage. Got a band? Check out DressThatMan.com for Men's Funky Vintage Clothing and become a gallery icon!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Hey, man! Are you thinking about putting together a 70’s disco outfit for that Halloween costume party you’re going to? If so, it’s not too early to start your online shopping spree now.

DressThatMan.com gets absolutely crazy busy in the fall with guys trying to put together funky disco outfits to party in. So, if you already know you’re going to be dressing up 1970’s style, it’s time to begin that search. Vintage clothes here have a tendency to fly off our virtual shelves, and it’s not unusual for us to get an email from someone who saw something on the site in the morning, put it in their cart without checking out and by the evening find that something is no longer available when they try to complete the transaction.

The vast majority of our Men’s Vintage Clothing is one-of-a-kind, so… whoever completes the check out process first gets the goods! That’s right – even IF you have something in your cart someone can snatch it away by checking out and completing the transaction before you do. And while that may seem incredibly rude, adding an item to your cart does NOT remove it from the inventory at DressThatMan. We can’t have the cart work that way, because as you already know – sometimes you add things to your cart when you are virtually shopping online and then abandon the cart and never complete the checkout process.

Occasionally, you’ll see abandoned shopping carts in real life stores, but… not nearly as often as it happens when people shop online. Imagine the chaos if you were in a Department Store and were heading to the check out and someone reached into your cart and removed a one-of-a-kind item right in front of your face and THEN – cut in front of you in the checkout lane! Shoppers rage would surely dominate the headlines if this became an everyday occurrence.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get it together, man! We’ve got a great selection of vintage mens 70’s disco pants, wild print big collar disco era shirts, polyester leisure suits, original 1970s platform shoes and more.

Get it on in authentic seventies fashion at DressThatMan.com!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer Staff Wears 70's Fashion

Oh, yeah... at first he said, "NO WAY" would he be caught dead wearing those 70's clothes, and then... what happened?

Jordan took a summer job with DressThatMan.com. THAT is what happened, man.

He's got that total ROCK STAR look going on, don't ya think?!

DressThatMan.com specializes in mens unworn vintage clothing from the 70's.  Check out our inventory online!  


Party down at that disco party you are throwing with a LEADSINGER Karaoke System Microphone that comes preloaded with 300 songs. Buy the Disco, Dance and Club cartridge for another 200 songs and make your retro theme party a night to remember.

Plugs into any Television with audio inputs, and imagine how great this will sound with your home theater system!

Convert Your Vinyl Record Album Collection to CD's

Rip those LP's via your computer's USB port with a conversion turntable!

One of our staff members has a massive collection of vinyl record albums from the 70's and early 80's and is now in the process of converting those old LP records to mp3's and CD's.

Why let that fabulous collection of vinyl records sit in storage? Yeah, you can still play them if you have a turntable system at home, but... it's impractical to lug a turntable with you wherever you go. Now you can easily convert that beloved vinyl album collection and you'll soon be able to play them on mobile devices such as your ipod and in your cd players on the road or at home. Have a blast making a compilation of your favorites from that old vinyl!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Celebrity Gallery gets THE MAKEOVER GUY

Welcome the newest addition to the Celebrity Spotlight at DressThatMan.com - Mr. Christopher Hopkins!

Known as THE MAKEOVER GUY, he's been a featured beauty and style expert on Oprah, HGTV and the KARE 11 Morning Show.

He's a man blessed with many talents that is also a gifted International baritone singer. He is currently writing a beauty book that will be released in 2008.

He looks incredibly 70's studly fashionable dressed in authentic vintage 1970's clothing he hand picked off the virtual racks at DressThatMan.com. A clear eye for style.

Ahhh... to be such a gorgeous hunk and talented, too! Check him out here.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

DISCO MUSIC Dance Floor Divas

70's Dance Floor Divas!

We dig this compilation of the cream of the crop, top of the charts disco queens of the dance floor. If you're having a retro theme seventies party, this album is a must have to get those party people dancin'.

Check out these classic dance tunes on the CD:

1. Boogie Oogie Oogie - Taste Of Honey
2. Fly, Robin, Fly - Silver Convention
3. Shame - Evelyn 'Champagne' King
4. Turn The Beat Around - Vicki Sue Robinson
5. We Are Family - Sister Sledge
6. Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
7. Le Freak - Chic
8. Shame, Shame, Shame - Shirley (& Company)
9. Rockin' Chair - Gwen McCrae
10. Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
11. Best Of My Love - Emotions
12. When Will I See You Again - Three Degrees
13. Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
14. Youg Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton
15. Once You Get Started - Rufus
16. Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart

Buy it now at AMAZON here.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Attention Getting Clothes, man!

Are you a man in need of attention? Or, do you simply want people to notice you when you walk into a room? Try wearing a men's original vintage shirt.

Many of the men who wear our clothes get just that. The looks! As well as a potential conversation starter.

Nobody can copy your style exactly when you wear Authentic Vintage Clothing. A favorite of ROCKSTARS and celebrities - who make a business out of NOT looking like everyone else... and having people looking at THEM.

Mens Vintage 3 piece Suits

Check out Dan in our customer gallery here.

Yet another classy vintage 3 piece suit sent to England!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Party Down in 70's Clothes!

Check out Trent and Dan in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan here.

If you ever get a chance to party with these wild guys... don't skip a beat. Because from what we hear, you haven't really partied until you party with Trent and Dan!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mens XL and XXL + 70s Disco Clothes!

Men's XL and XXL + original 1970's vintage DISCO era clothes are very hard to find. Yet, you bigger guys could get lucky enough to get your 70's groove on via your Disco Dealer at DressThatMan.com... because, we've got the good stuff, man!

We've recently acquired a limited amount of some RARE extra large and big and tall sizes in mens authentic vintage. We'll be putting them up on the site over the coming months.

DressThatMan KNOWS the big guys love to party down and we're doing our best to bring it to ya.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mens Vintage Style

Is your particular style based on popular taste or current fads? If so, you may want to step back and reevaluate the image you are projecting, or... the image you wish to project.

For some people overall style is a manner of living, with subtle consistency. For others, it is an eclectic mix of playful exuberance achieved with random intentions. Some rebels break the mold and develop a personal sense of style that virtually becomes them, which then becomes the popular taste of their admirers.

Celebrities and costumers have long known that by mingling vintage clothing into a wardrobe, it’s possible to create a unique expression of individuality. The exclusivity and rarity of vintage pieces makes this original and authentic fashion highly desirable.

Modern day designers often revert to perusing collections, styles, cuts, fabrics and patterns from what is now vintage clothing for inspiration in creating new lines. Incorporating aspects of vintage fashion into modern day fashion is quite common... as everything old is new again.

DressThatMan.com has a long list of celebrity clientèle who peruse, buy and wear our original vintage clothing. Our authentic vintage clothing has also been utilized in a diverse array of multimedia applications; film, television, theater and print.

All of our customers are important to us! From the man who is simply looking for a vintage disco outfit to wear to a 70's theme party to the celebrity A-lister who craves a specific item...

...DressThatMan.com is for every man who dares to clothe himself outside of the box.


This article and all written articles contained within the DressThatMan.net blog are the property of DressThatMan.com Incorporated and shall not be reproduced in any way, shape or form without written permission.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Groovy guys! Check out the vintage Platform Shoe section and search for ORIGINAL men's Platform Shoes from the 1970's. The vast majority of shoes from the disco era we have on our site are BRAND NEW deadstock vintage shoes that have never been worn.

We wanted to give you a heads up because we've now got a very LIMITED number of UNWORN authentic 1970's shoes in the following smaller sizes:

Mens 7 and under

Mens 8 - 8.5

Mens 9 - 9.5

...and of course, we've still got some size 10's, 11's and a very small number left of size 12 and up.

These funky 70's shoes are the REAL disco deal, man. They've been waiting for the right man to come along and show them a good time for decades now. How they survived unscathed from that hard partying disco era is beyond our wildest imaginings.

Your PREMIER disco dealer scores with the goods, man. We've got the good shit... and that's exactly why our customers keep coming back.

DressThatMan.com is all about keeping it real, baby!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Party 70's DISCO Style!

Check out world famous disco man BRUTUS GOLD and his entourage doing it 70's style! If you need to brush up on those disco dance moves then check it out so you can learn to move with the groove, man. The seventies were happening!

You can also see Brutus Gold in the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com wearing our authentic vintage 70's clothes.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Whoa, man!

DressThatMan's guys have all the fun. Check out William partying in his vintage 70s clothes surrounded by some very limber ladies.

The CAR WASH disco party was in Belfast, Ireland... and it looks like we missed one hell of a party!

Check more pictures from the party out here.

Check out our huge selection of mens vintage clothing - we specialize in UNWORN men's vintage clothing from the 1970's disco era.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Vintage Clothing in the Movies

The crew at DressThatMan.com loves dressing up guys in 70's style clothes! Check out Tim wearing his vintage 1970's outfit, complete with Platform Shoes as he shows off not only his clothing, but his beloved 1966 GTO muscle car.

Tim recently attended a casting call as an extra, along with his vintage auto, for Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson's latest movie that is currently under production entitled, Semi-Pro. This 70's era basketball related sports comedy feature film is slated for release in early 2008. Tim is hoping his footage doesn't end up on the cutting room floor!

The costume department working with the production company behind the movie Semi-Pro obtained deadstock men's vintage platform shoes from DressThatMan.com that are slated to be worn by the main cast during filming. Hollywood is all about keeping it real, man!

Are we excited about the upcoming release of Semi-Pro?

You betcha... we love Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Smoov-e RAPS in RETRO!

Check out our newest addition to the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com.

Smooth azz rapper Smoov-e has released his 7th album, Next Door Neighbor Larry Dallas.

Check Smoov-e out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

70's Disco Outfits for MEN ONLY!

Looking for a Disco Outfit from the 70's, man? Check out the retro threads at DressThatMan.com for the funked up look you crave. No costume disco clothes for our guys, they require the REAL DEAL authentic vintage clothing from the disco era.

When the staff here needs motivation, all we need to do is check out the photos Curtis sent us for the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame. What a blast!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our Customers Make Us PROUD!

Check out Roxana and Carlos dressing up 70's style, the newest addition to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Ya'll make it such a pleasure to be in the business. See them here...

70's CLOTHES FOR MEN and MORE from DressThatMan.com!

Of course, we've got more than authentic vintage mens 70's clothing at DressThatMan.com, but... since that IS what we specialize in, that's what you'll find the most of. Although, you disco partiers and retro loving guys keep us on our toes just trying to keep the store stocked! Some days we'll put things up that are sold with hours of listing. While that's not a bad thing, our clients worldwide certainly keep us moving.

Higher Standards in Men's Vintage Clothing
DressThatMan.com is committed to continue to offer higher standards in men's vintage clothing. Why? Because we know how much you guys out there appreciate it. Our customers don't want items that are ripped, stained or smelly and neither do we! Rarely do we offer an item that has any issues. Any items we list that do have issues are few and far between, these rare exceptions are certainly not the norm for us, and they never will be. Clients who are looking to put together a 70's outfit for a disco party - or for the love of all clothes retro, our men care about what they are wearing and how they look, and so do we!

DressThatMan.com is not in the practice of trying to beat the search engines by spamming keywords regarding our stock with things you won't find once you arrive, no way man. Aside from artificially inflating your page and website hits, how about considering the point of view of the potential shopper and web surfer looking for relevant content?

Once you reach a particular destination on the web, if you don't see what you're looking for when you arrive - no matter how you get there, it only takes a nanosecond to click your ass right on outta there. Who really believes those false advertising
tactics created by keyword spamming are going to work with today's savvy internet consumer? We sure don't. Because none of us here appreciate that kind of shit when we're surfing to buy anything, or even when we are surfing to look. The consensus here is that relevant content is the only way to go.

We can assume that the majority of vintage clothing retailers are well versed in stain removal practices, as we are, so don't be fooled if you find something stained on a site that says something to the effect of, it may come out when it's laundered. Chances are it won't. We utilize a wide variety of stain cleaning tactics if need be, and if something doesn't come out, 99% of the time the item never makes it onto the site and is disposed of.

The exception to cleaning items for us is if the item is unworn, vintage deadstock. If an item has noticeable "shelf dust" from decades of storage, we'll let you know in the listing. We inspect all of our deadstock merchandise for fade, odors and staining before it is listed. Regarding all of our merchandise, if it doesn't make the grade here, it doesn't make the site, but...

...you just might find it somewhere else.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Check out the newest addition to the Customer Gallery at DressThatMan.com. Yes, Sir... wearing vintage clothing, such as this black and white brocade tuxedo jacket on your wedding day will surely make you stand out!

Make history by wearing it... check out the stunning couple, Derek and Kelly here...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


a disco party to go to? Need to get funked up for that special retro 70's disco theme party event? Or, are you one of those guys who just loves the total unique factor of mens vintage clothing? Whatever the case may be, DressThatMan.com has the funky fashion you crave! Boogie down in authentic clothing from the seventies, man. Ain't nothing like putting a guy in a wild disco shirt, a polyester leisure suit, or some 70s flares or bell bottoms and unleashing him out on the dance floor. Out comes his 1970's party man alter ego.

Check our ever changing stock of mens wild disco shirts, 70's pants, polyester leisure suits, and mens vintage platform shoes. We specialize in DEADSTOCK, unworn vintage clothing for men, so you can get your groove on in pure retro style. Check out our huge selection of deadstock vintage merchandise HERE.

We carry a limited number of hard-to-find original ANGELS FLIGHT 70's disco pants that were manufactured in the USA by the now defunct Tobias Kotzin company in San Francisco California. Not to be confused with inferior cheap costume clothing being touted by costume outfitters under the misleading brand name "ANGEL FLIGHT" - these ANGELS FLIGHT (note the "S" on ANGELS) brand are the authentic vintage disco era goods.

Get that retro groove on in mens genuine vintage fashion at DressThatMan.com and STAND OUT in that crowd, man.