Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1970's Disco Pants for TALL Guys!

DressThatMan.com has a wave coming, man! Authentic vintage mens BELLBOTTOM pants from the 70's that are UNWORN deadstock. That's right. Original clothes from the seventies that have waited for DECADES to find the right man.

The best thing about these beauties is the fact that they are super LONG and unhemmed for you TALL men who want to dress up classy for a disco party. Get them hemmed to fit you EXACTLY. These have been on our MOST WANTED list for years, as extra long bell bottom pants are tough to find in authentic vintage from the 1970's.

Now the tall guys aren't gonna have a problem finding classic 70's fashion that will suit their height. Costume clothes and cheap reproduction bellbottoms just don't cut it for the vast majority of our customers - and we're excited that this development is going to make a LOT of men very happy to look like they could cut to the front of the line at Studio 54 on the busiest of evenings back in the 1970's.

Watch for more flared and bellbottom pant styles and sizes coming soon, and in the meantime... check out what we have in stock now in the DISCO PANTS department.

We carry a LOT of mens NEVER WORN, deadstock vintage 70's era clothes at DressThatMan. Take a look at ALL of our deadstock vintage clothing for men here.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Hey, man! Dress That Man has a LIMITED NUMBER of to get you big guys movin' and groovin' to the disco beat in ORIGINAL 1970's mens wild print disco shirts that are in PRISTINE never worn vintage condition.

No smelly, musty old vintage disco shirts here, man. These bad boys are as fresh and new as the day they were born back in the 1970's. We broke these funky shirts out of a genuine Motown time capsule and are bringing them to the streets so the big guys can PARTY down like it's 1977. That's right. These shirts were LOVED so much they were locked away for decades - we still love 'em and we know you will, too.

No cheesy costume clothes or reproduction 1970's fashion for the men who shop at DressThatMan.com - check out the men's XL vintage shirt collection here, and take one of these groovy shirts to the streets courtesy of the crew at DressThatMan - where genuine 1970's fashion for MEN ONLY lives on.

XL and XXL disco shirts sell fast, so don't miss out!