Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the Men who wear Authentic Vintage Clothing ROCK!

Retrolucious, baby! The crew at thanks all of you guys (and women, too) out there who have been shopping on the site in October 2005. This month you've picked off some of the best of our Mens super funky, pimpin' disco 1970's clothes. You kept us hopping around the shop, answering questions, having a laugh, prepping orders and generally going nuts in the pursuit of fitting you in the best party clothes we had. Along with pulling things off the racks that didn't even make it to the site!

This weekend is chock full of Halloween parties across the land, and we'll be imagining all the wild retro men out there smiling and partying heartily who are outfitted by DressThatMan. Lots of big ass bell bottoms, butterfly collar disco shirts, and polyester leisure suits.... a literal disco inferno spread across the USA. We hope that you all get your freak on and move to the groove and basically have a big ol' damn BLAST!

Not to worry, we'll be doing some major partying and kicking back after Friday. We deserve some chill time and we're gonna take it.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Vintage Clothing and MORE for Men is much more that an ordinary Men's vintage clothing website. While it's true that lately we've been promoting all of of funky 1970's fashions, the truth is that we are all excited about the fantastic top quality vintage and modern day high end merchandise that we will soon begin concentrating on in November. We have some wonderful top quality mens suits to add to the site. Get ready to get dressed up. The new year is closer than you think and some of you men out there could very well make a resolution to concentrate more on developing your own unique sense of style. The trendsetting men who shop at DressThatMan don't always follow every runway fashion trend in order to "fit in" with what's "in" according to the magazines and other forms of media - they know that in the long run they make a definite statement by puchasing what they like, and wearing it well by getting a proper fit. Clothes that make a man look good will make him feel good. That confident feeling is priceless.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just say NO to Crack

Childhood memories. You just have to love them.

Yes, I confess. My father was a virtual master at the deplorable showing of ass crack.

Ugh. The fashion coupe de grace disgrace. Like the trailer trash welcoming committee must be hiding in the bushes. Waiting silently for the cue to drag you on Jerry Springer’s stage. To reveal a sordid secret.

Dad’s crack secret wasn’t actually a secret to begin with. That split screen was a fact. Plain as the light of day and like the crack of dawn, the predictable appearance of the crack of Dad loomed on the posterior horizon. He didn’t do crack in private, he did crack in public. For the world to see, albeit sporadically. Like whenever he crouched down or bent over.

It was like Dad lost his ass in an unfortunate accident nobody spoke of. Truth is, neither my brothers or my sister can recall any backroom gossip explaining it. Because when he was standing, Dad frequently tugged on his pants. Not that they would ever fall down mind you but, due to his condition he was continually in a state of adjustment. He probably wasn’t even aware of it. But it seemed that somewhere along the line, he had lost most of the ass that may have once held up his pants.

He’d be in the garage crouched down welding. Sparks would be flying like the fourth of July. Rooster’s tail style. One to the left and one to the right. Protective welding helmet down. And, there was the ass crack. Peeking out between a dark work shirt and a pair of jeans. He never worried about the sparks in the crack. We used to laugh about it.

It was never a style that was trendy then, nor will it ever be. Not even in a million years.

Dad died several years ago. Unrelated to ass crack exposure.

But, still….

….we'll miss that ass.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Check out John, our newest member of the DressThatMan Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Wow, man. This is one cool retro happening dude. John and his girlfriend Sarah wowed the crowd at their 2005 Homecoming. In fact, he and his Farrah Fawcett look-a-like girlfriend Sarah were approached by the limo company to dress up in their retro clothes for a photo shoot the company wants to use in an advertising brochure.

More proof that good things happen when you shop at DressThatMan for the best in retro revival and trendsetting mens fashion. Thanks for sharing your image with us John!

click here to check out John and Sarah