Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shhh! It's a secret... don't read this...

Plaid is bad in such a great way. In style for those in the know keeping up with the Joneses in deluxe style. Of course, Mister Hipster is already clued in there and he's sporting the latest designer plaids straight off the runway.

The retro reproduction look is all the rage. BUT - the purists KNOW that there is nothing even close to vintage unless it's the REAL THING.

Top quality vintage clothing for men isn't cheap by any means, but... it's FAR less expensive than the top designer fashion prices.

DressThatMan has acquired many loyal celeb customers who can certainly afford all of the top designer clothing - yet they LOVE the fact that they can get a piece of history that they can wear that others in their circles can't readily obtain.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you WHO they are, because we promised never to spill shopping secrets - but, we're SO SO SO giddy behind the scenes. Sooner or later, our celeb customers - at least some of them - have promised they'd come out of the closet and send pics and let us share with the world who they are in the celebrity spotlight - but, for now... we're a secret weapon in the world male celebrity style. A few aren't even telling their friends about us... and THAT is hilarious.

Recently, we received an email from a star that said, in part... "The deadstock clothes were dazzling and fit wonderfully. I've been looking for a place like this forever. Finding your site was a dream come true. Thanks so much for your assistance and fast service - I've hit the mother lode and now, you're my biggest secret!"

That cat's coming out of the bag, baby. Pass it along, man. You wear it well.

DressThatMan is onto something, and we're ON YOU.

now you know newsflash: trivia from the shipping portal
Recently we've been on fire in parts of the world. It seems that a whole lot of our merchandise in the past few month has gone to New York, London and Los Angeles - and of course, some places in spaces in between.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oleg Cassini, Jackie O's Designer is Dead

Famed fashion designer Oleg Cassini, the man with whom is credited for helping Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis become a First Lady fashion icon, died yesterday, March 17. He was 92. He died on Long Island in New York after suffering a stroke on March 11th.

Soon after John F. Kennedy's election as US President, Oleg Cassini persuaded First Lady Jackie O to use him, instead of many designers, as the sole creator of her total look. He may have had an "in" because the former Hollywood costume designer had been friendly with the Kennedy family for years. Still, it wasn't a situation of, "it's not what you know, it's who you know," because Mr. Cassini knew his craft and had an uncanny eye for fashion and individual style.

Yes, of course we all know that Jacqueline Kennedy took Oleg up on his offer. Upon the public announcement of his selection he stated, "We are on the threshold of a new American elegance thanks to Mrs. Kennedy's beauty, naturalness, understatement, exposure and symbolism."

Jacqueline Kennedy, only 31 when her husband won the presidency, she was in peak style during her White House years, from 1961 to 1963. The simple, geometric dresses, pillbox hats and elegant hairstyle was admired and copied by women from 18 to 80.

"In Hollywood, I was used to getting a script and a star, and they'd say, 'Do it,'" Cassini said in a 1995 interview. "Now, with her, it was the same thing. I had to create a persona." And, create a persona he certainly did. Looking back, that almost seems an understatement.

Cassini was born to Russian parents in Paris, according to his Web site. He studied in Florence and apprenticed with designer Jean Patou in Paris. Later he headed to California, where he dressed Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Gene Tierney, whom he later married.

He served in the U.S. Calvary Corps in World War II. Fashion historians credit him with the sheath, the A-line, the little white collar and the military look for women.

His first marriage, to heiress Merry Fahrney, lasted less than two years. He married Tierney in 1941. They had two children but divorced in 1952. He is survived by his wife, Marianne, two daughters, and numerous grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

We love Oleg and have been a fan of his for years. His influence and passion for style and fashion is written in the history books, thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy giving him free reign in developing her look.

After Cassini honed Jackie O's classic look, he developed a line of disco attire for Men that we adore. We've got a few pieces left in stock here at DressThatMan along with some classicly tailored Men's Suits and a casual coat.

Thanks Oleg for your contribution to the fashion world. You did it. You left an indelible mark.

Friday, March 17, 2006

STRANGE email at Dress That Man

Yes, Sir. We get mail.

Anyone who has a business online, and most who have spent time online, know that sooner or later you're going to encounter weirdness.

Today we got this email, sent from a person unknown via a free email account, who seems to enjoy harassing us with odd requests. The last barrage of emails - all written in the same telling vein - were also originating from the same free email place - but! Now, they are “candybutton30" while last time they used the lovely moniker, “spermbutton” - and both times signed off purporting to be from a woman.

Ever hear of a cuff button fetish? Or a garment button fetish at all?

We hadn’t. But wait! There actually is such a creature.

Yet, all we can say in light of this is that 99.9% of our customers are fabulous... here's one from the rest...





Of course, we don't have time for a reply to this nonsensical email, but - if we did... we'd send out our standard form letter as follows:

Dearest CandyButton30 aka Mrs. Candy Andres,

In order to fulfill your request for information far above and beyond the call of duty, we ask that you fax us ALL of the following information so we can process your request swiftly:

1. Your drivers license and/or any other picture ID you possess.
2. All of your credit cards including the CCV codes.
3. Your latest bank statement.
4. Pictures of your pets and children, including their respective names.
5. A clear photograph showing the contents of your refrigerator.
6. Your social security number and birth date.
7. Your medical history along with a list of currently prescribed medications.
8. Photographs of the size labels on your undergarments.
9. Photocopies of all deeds you own along with your last tax bill.
10. Copies of your 2004 and 2005 tax returns.
11. Pictures of your parents and siblings.
12. Your resume along with references.
13. Directions to your residence including a picture.
14. Contact information and length of term for all past lovers.
15. Your favorite color, and please explain why thus is so.
14. List all of the things you feel you are guilty for.
15. Clear photographs of your teeth and complete dental records.

We look forward to receiving the fax and doing business with you.



Thank you very much for shopping with!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Men's Disco Clothes - 70's INSPIRATION has the magic 1970's potion, man. We inspire men to expose their chest hair and reveal the retro party man trapped inside themselves.

Check out the man from the north, Mars donning his wild funky man attire who said he was inspired by the Dress That Man website. Proof that Canada isn't as cold as we all thought.

But, since Mars was only inspired by the DTM site to dress up seventies style and didn't actually shop with us - if you show up here Mars, we're going to force you to dance 48 hours non-stop in the DressThatMan go-go cage and we're broadcasting it live on the Internet. All the while we're gonna chant stuff like, "faster, faster... go Mars... shake that money maker, baby... no, you can't have a drink yet... it's only been 3 hours... what do ya mean that whip hurts..."

Yep. Just like that! Thanks for the pics, man.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vintage Clothing for MEN / the BEAT is ON

The search is on, man. Looking for disco clothes for men, men's vintage clothes, pimp styles, you start from somewhere and you end up here.

Time once again for the top search phrases you've used to find us here that we found amusing. Of course, as you might guess, given the weirdness factor of the mysterious mechanics of search engines - there were a handful of phrases that were used to find us that we wouldn't publish here, just because they are... ummm... how do we say without saying what they were? Hmmmm. How about slightly to extremely amusing but exceedingly distasteful.

without further ado....

6. farkin definition

5. how to make your man dress up nice

4. super sleazy clothes for men

3. peek up his kilt what do you see

2. when men play dress up

:: insert drum roll... the winner is ::

1. disco men spank men

In celebration of that search phrase, just for you - we're gonna spank every single packed order box before it leave the warehouse on it's way to you for the entire month of March! We hope you're happy now.

We'll be doing our best to beat the hell out of March and get on with spring!

If your package arrives slightly battered, it may not be the Post Office who is responsible for it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

DressThatMan is FUNKED UP and MOVIN' UP!

Far out!

Check this trip

Viewing in GOOGLE's mysterious pagerank order, despite still playing feverishly in the sandbox, we've moved up to the number four position in the shopping directory of Antique and Collectible Clothing:

The site stats for February 2006 are in:
we had over 24 THOUSAND new visitors
and over 138 THOUSAND page views's Google PageRank is now: 5

Thanks for smacking our racks around :)
You guys frickin' KICK ASS, baby ... and we hope you know - we do it all for YOU.