Friday, October 31, 2008


Yeah, man! A big shout out to all of the guys that purchased vintage 70's Leisure Suits, wild big collar disco shirts, flares, bell bottoms and original 1970's Men's Platform shoes from us for the Halloween 2008 Party season.

You guys are the reason why we work so hard at!

Yes, that's RAY in the above picture celebrating his 2008 birthday wearing a Nik-Nik designer disco shirt surrounded by women - you can see more of him in the gallery at DressThatMan here. No doubt, we'll be getting more Gallery Guys pics partying on Halloween after this weekend is over.

Thanks so much for making October 2008 a fantastic month, we couldn't do it without YOU, man.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Gallery Guy in the CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT

Whoa, man. Gordon Smedt is an amazing artist who is now featured in the Celebrity Gallery at!

He's rocking out in a sunshine yellow original 1970's Leisure Suit with his wife Suzanne by his side... check out his art and learn more about this super groovy man here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Looking for for original 70's clothing, man... is where it's at. We have more UNWORN men's clothing from the 1970's than you can shake a stick at. Vintage clothing ROCKS the RACKS here, baby!

Wild print 70's disco shirts, Leisure Suit jackets, full Leisure Suits, 1970's bell bottoms and flares, deadstock never-worn mens disco era Platform Shoes and more. We've also got collectible mens vintage clothing items from the fun and fabulous disco era.

Get your Vintage freak ON at

Monday, October 06, 2008


Check out these models wearing the newest creations by famed French fashion designer Pierre Cardin during the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2009 and Autumn-Winter 2009 collections. These photos were taken at his villa in Theoule sur Mer, southern France, on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008.

What the hell? Do you know anyone who actually yearns to look like a BUG and flit around town in either of these creations? While the first model appeases the photographer while striking a pose behind dark glasses as a big RED period with a pocket, that second model appears quite unhappy wearing the quilted kite with a shark fin head. Miserable perhaps due to only being able to move her arms at the elbow.

Born on July 7th, 1922... Pierre Cardin is a world famous Italian born French Fashion designer known for his avant-garde design and a love of geometric shapes. But, please Mr. Cardin... is this actually the haute couture of the future? We suspect if it was anyone BUT Pierre Cardin, these pictures would have never made fashion news. Ugh.

The 1970's has taken quite the rap for its eccentric and flashy funky fashion for years, and of course, the crew at fully promotes its revival to this day. We dig it.

Compared to this shit... the 1970's were dead ON serious, man.