Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quality Vintage Clothing

We're so frickin' PICKY when it comes to our merchandise.
And...that's exactly WHY we have so many repeat customers!

We have declassified this TOP SECRET information, and are now prepared to divulge our highly technical methods and terminology to determine what we will sell on DressThatMan.com

If, in the course of garment inspection any of the following phrases are uttered, or variances thereof, the article is immediately placed into the rejection pile.

1. What in the hell is this?
2. Man, this smells like --- insert adjective of your choice here ---
3. This is - pick one > a.fake b.cheap repro c.a rag d.mine
4. I wouldn't coerce a muddy dog I didn't like to wear this shit.

DressThatMan.com Declassified
putting YOU in the know!

Monday, November 28, 2005


We get this question a lot. Just what is DEADSTOCK anyway?

We refer to items as "Deadstock" meaning they are unworn, essentially new, generally with original tags (but, not always!) or... in the original packaging VINTAGE clothing.

Deadstock is also often referred to as NOS - meaning New Old Stock.

So... now you know!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

some guys have all the fun

Man, oh man! We just love our newest Gallery Guy Curtis there on the left. We really should blow up some huge pics of him partying in his Disco Clothes to hang in the warehouse to for motivational purposes. Every damn time we see his party pics it makes us smile - what a retro blast!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Disco Clothing - Passion for 70's Fashion

There’s something about mens 1970’s fashion that we absolutely love.

The wild disco print polyester shirts, shiny nylon shirts, the big butterfly collars, the flares and bellbottom pants, the crazy fun and super funky polyester leisure suits, the platform shoes... the 70’s was an era in mens vintage clothing that stands out and away from the others surrounding it.

Defined, at least in part, by the rhythmic beats of disco music - it was a decade of men's fashion distinction. Back in the 70’s, some people loved to hate disco music, and we think it’s because they we’re flat out trippin’ and jive talkin’ shit because they couldn’t dance. And, if you couldn’t shake that thang, why go to the club harboring thumpy beats? Although some of them kept on truckin’ past the discothèque fearing the boogie, other non-dancers made themselves at home there sitting at a table having drinks, while watching the show out on the lighted dance floor and keeping an eye on their friends gear. Fog machines pumping while the strobe lights add a trippy visual, police beacons, whistles & sirens, platforms bumping, hands clapping and waving in the air… it was so very Studio 54, in varying scales, all across the land.

That very same disco music from the 1970’s is making a HUGE resurgence in clubs worldwide today. It’s not all that different from techno pop, electronica, dance party house music being made now - because… if you’re hip to the real retro euro seventies groove you KNOW that music has clear Disco roots. If you never experienced the 70’s yourself, and you went to a club that mixed it up and sporadically played actual club music from that era – and we’re NOT talking strictly about the Disco music that was played on the radio – but, comparable to today's electronica and techno, mixed a bit, you may not even realize it’s music from the 70’s.

Now back to the Disco Clothes.

At DressThatMan.com…we’re totally flipped out, man. Right ON! Because we love the BUZZ that authentic 1970’s vintage disco clothing creates. You betcha. Mostly, WE LOVE getting modern men into 1970’s disco shirts. The wilder the better, baby! As well as seventies polyester Leisure Suits and bell bottom pants or flared leg pants, too. Why? We mainly love it because you can take the most straight laced guys and turn them into wild party men once they don our kick ass 1970’s threads. Disco clothing transforms these men into polyester super heroes.

It's just plain FUN!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1970's Fashion brings out his WILD side...

Meet Curtis! A changed man once he slipped into a 70's leisure suit jacket, a funky disco shirt and a pair of polyester pants to go with those big azz platform shoes. DressThatMan's newest fashion icon is now featured in the customer gallery!

the retro quad squad gets the PARTY STARTED!

Yep. At DressThatMan.com we get 'em jumping, baby! These guys ARE definitely the life of any party... what's not to love, eh?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Disco Clothing for MEN!

Our intention at DressThatMan.com was, starting in November, to put into our online stock many of the fine modern day and high quality vintage suits we have waiting patiently in the warehouse for prepping.


The vast majority of our customers are still clamoring for MORE of the totally wild and FUNKED UP look in the form of men’s authentic vintage fashions from the 1970's. Huge butterfly collar super funky Disco Shirts, Leisure Suits and 70's bell bottoms and flared pants.

We're listening and we heard you loud and clear, man!

You want that far out, groovy retro seventies fashion and we’re dishing.

And, that's cool with us. Because we love the funk and you gotta have it.

Oh, yeah...

...who is THAT man dressed in Vintage Clothing?

A man with a flair for astonishing style certainly gets the looks. People can’t help but notice him.

A confident walk through the mall wearing a vintage 3 piece suit will prove the fact. If he’s bold enough to wear a fine hat with his suit, he’ll prove it all the more. While the sight of a man wearing a proper hat was the norm up through the 1950's, it’s a sight rarely seen today. Wear one and you’ll draw stares.

No, baseball caps do not count as proper hats. A cap it is, and they make no true fashion statement. In fact, the more we stared at them the more we thought they looked silly. Like a beanie. Yep. Off with that propeller and on with a brim. That’s the only difference. Drop the prop and give it a bill as a slight upgrade.

While we agree that everything has its place - baseball caps are fine if you are actually on the team or you are watching an outdoor sporting event, golfing or fishing in the sun. They epitomize casual wear and are never part of any manly formalities. In fact, they look a lot like the protective noggin gear that is often observed on small humans. You know, those who drool and haven’t yet attained the speech required to say, "take this damn thing off me!" Except that yours doesn’t tie under your chin.

When you are daring enough to be wearing a 3 piece vintage suit, get yourself under a Fedora. The classic look of the 30's, 40's and 50's. Made popular by gangsters and adopted by the elite as well as the common man.

Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant had it going on, baby. A 3 piece suit *and* a Fedora. That look that’ll get the looks is so old Hollywood cool. Snapper dapper, dashingly distinguished. You’ll be sure to stand out in any crowd.

For added savior fare, rent yourself a vintage vehicle and tool around town.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

1970's Disco Shirts

What's not to love in a shimmering 70's shirt? Some shirts are meant to be out clubbing in. Hit the dance floor with this sexy number because it was made to shine under the lights!

See our current collection of genuine 1970's mens vintage disco shirts here.

It's all GOOD at DressThatMan.com!

We don't actually have a rating system for our merchandise.


Because it's all good, baby.

If you WANT to buy stained, strained and worn out, ripped up rags and stuff, then DressThatMan.com is NOT where you want to shop. We take pride in the high quality of our vintage merchandise. And, if and when there ever are any issues with something - we're entirely up front with it. Very few items we carry have major issues... unless it's just too damn cool to destroy.

We love that about us!

While we change and evolve with you into whatever we will become, that's one thing that will never change.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

What to wear to a 70's Party...

Nathan and Kathy have surely got it going on in that seventies sort of way! Check 'em out, decked out head to toe in far out and super funky 70's attire. That's the way we like it. Uh huh!

Wild man on the loose in Michigan!

Belting out a tune in a pair of vintage deadstock pants, new gallery man Josh rocks with the Buttplugz. Although the other picture he sent us made us laugh the most, the boss won't let us post it because, well.... errrr.... Josh knows why!