Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mens Vintage Clothing: Mens Style 1979

In the fall of 1979, men were styling some fashionable looks when it came to suits. Tweeds and corduroy suits. Mix and match. 

Some things never go out of style. This retro look would still get some double takes on the street. OK, so maybe the dude in the steely blue brushed corduroy suit on the right might be dated for his vintage clothing choice in suits on the street today... but, the other two would be rockin' it and not look out of place for their retro style.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Deadstock Vintage 1950's XL Western Shirt

When it comes to Mens Vintage Clothing - Deadstock Clothing is KING! Here's a rare gen in vintage: a 1950's RED unworn Tem-Tex Western Sportswear mens shirt with Extra Long Tails. And, it's even a super rare mens XL size. See it here.

How do we know this is a 50's western shirt? According to a reference book we have in the shop which shows the exact tag on this shirt, that's how! We don't guess when it comes to certain vintage items (most we have enough experience to know). 

What reference book do you have about vintage western shirts? It's called "Western Shirts - A Classic American Fashion" by Steven E. Weil and C. Daniel DeWeese - and it's a fantastic reference book for mens vintage western shirts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1967: Men Carrying Purses and Wearing Knee Socks with Shorts

It's 1967. You're looking at the Sears Catalog contemplating those Oakbrook Polished Cottons. Unfortunately, what you yearn for are the socks and the Man Purse or "Murse" that is depicted in the illustration. What quickens your decent into the abyss of fashion depression is that neither the socks nor the murse get a mention in the catalog.

You vow to find the socks and the Man Purse. And when they are tracked down, and you can buy them... you're going to wear just the socks and carry the murse.

So there.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mens Vintage Clothing: Slack Power 1969

** Slack Power advertisement from 1969 ** Copies of this particular vintage ad for Anti-establishment Post Grad Slacks by is h.i.s are all over the internet. This groovy retro ad photo has been manipulated by photoshop more times that we can count - why? Because it clearly an effective and stand out ad!

Yes Sir. We've had these exact pants in our Mens Vintage Clothing Store over the years, and we've had many items from the h.i.s brand mens clothing line.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1967 Mens Boxer Shorts

Back in 1967, you could buy boxers shorts out of the Sears catalog that were guaranteed for one full year. This leaves us wondering how many guys might have actually carried their undies back to the store for a refund. If any did.

Most of all, the photo collage really made us chuckle. Those boxers are pulled up and over their belly buttons. And, that coffee cup the big guy is holding looks like he may have wrestled it from the two smaller men hanging out at his left hip. 

We observed a moment of silence in reverence to a world without Photoshop... and vowed to toss out our threadbare underwear.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mens Vintage Clothing: Pants of the 70's

Men's Vintage Clothing - Sears 1975 Catalog

Back in 1975, polyester was KING of the fabrics when it came to men's fashion. Most often worn tight and close to the body, polyester had fair amount of stretch which allowed men to move freely yet keep that body hugging, more fitted look.

Sears was one of the department stores that was well known for producing mens fashion for the masses, and at DressThatMan.com we have sold many items from Sears over the years from the 1970's. Of course, these men's 70's fashion pieces are now items are which are referred to as men's vintage clothing - desirable today for costumers for use in film and stage, celebrities of all types, musicians, sports figures, and... top shelf men who simply love keeping it REAL in genuine vintage.

As illustrated in the photo above, men's doubleknit polyester plaid pants were a common sight on men and in their closets. We've got loads of Men's Vintage Polyester Pants online at DressThatMan.com - and many have never been worn.

Adding some genuine mens vintage clothing to your wardrobe is a great way to enhance your style and stand out in the crowd. 70's fashion can be damn funny... and fun to wear!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shop for Men's Vintage Shirts Online

Mens Shirts Sold in the 1970's
Shop for Mens Vintage Shirts online at DressThatMan.com - we specialize in men's vintage shirts from the 70's. Yes, we know that the 1970's was far more than disco - but, many of our customers are searching for genuine disco shirts from the 70's - and we've got 'em, man!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Men's Fashion In the 70's

Back in 1975, men in polyester leisure suits were a common sight across the American landscape. As illustrated in the Sears catalog photo above, some guys chose to wear bright color slacks with their plaid leisure suit jacket. Also note the first guy is wearing a turtle neck shirt, the second is wearing a pull over sports shirt and the third is wearing a traditional button down with a tie. And if you observe closely - look at how high waisted those pants are!

There was no internet, or Google back in 1975. Instead, people waited to get their hands on the latest big department store catalogs. Prior to surfing the web, people flipped the pages of 5 pound seasonal catalogs. And, in the condition of which we have seen some of these catalogs - there was a LOT of page flipping going on, man!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mens 1970's Disco Shirts

Looking for Men's Vintage Shirts? Got a Disco Party you need to dress up for, or are you the kind of guy who likes to spice up his wardrobe by adding in some vintage clothing? Dare to be different and get some major attention, man...

We've got a selection of original mens disco shirts that were originally worn in the 1970's. AND, we've even got a large selection of unworn vintage shirts, including wild print big butterfly collar shirts from the disco era. Check out all of the UNWORN mens vintage shirts here.

Yes, Sir. So many guys don't want to wear a shirt that was previously worn by another man back in the seventies - but, they do want to buy mens 1970's disco shirts and clothes that are authentic and new. DressThatMan.com has your back, or we should say the vintage shirt that could be on your back!

DressThatMan.com is a very unique boutique in Men's Vintage Clothing, specializing in original 1970's deadstock (never worn before) clothing for the man who wants to stand OUT in the crowd. 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Men's Vintage Fashion: 1979 Hot Pants

Women remember when hot pants and short shorts were all the rage back in the 1970's - but, who is clamoring for this 70's booty short look to come back in men's fashion? Tennis anyone!? 

With this treacherous heatwave we've been having across the nation
DressThatMan.com can safely assume there must be a fraction of men across the USA wearing this look, although the majority of them are most likely confined to their homes...

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mens 60's Fashion: Man Gang 1967

Striking a rather unnatural pose for a 1967 Penneys Catalog, this retro man gang look like they could blend right into a fall color scheme. Over the years, we've had many men's vintage clothing items from JC Penney on the DressThatMan.com website and the color scheme shown above was a popular one in the mid to late 1960's.

Guys posing like this on the sidewalk are going to get some attention no matter what they are wearing!

We double dare ya, man. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Men's Vintage: Broomsticks Slacks

Check out this advertisement from 1971 for Broomsticks Men's Slacks. Broomsticks Slacks were a product of Glen Oaks in New York City. This particular men's fashion season featured these doubleknit slacks in 100% Celanese Fortrel polyester fabric.

According to their advertising at the time, "They stand up to all the action - whatever that might be." In 1971, these pants sold for 18 to 25 bucks a pair. While those prices might not seem like much today, according to the Government's Inflation Calculator - those $18.00 pants back in 1971 are equal to spending $102.14 today. And, the $25.00 pants are equal to $141.86!

Note the slightly higher hemline and how snug the pants were to a man's body compared to modern day fashion. DressThatMan has carried these vintage pants from time to time, and no doubt - it's very possible we'll have some to offer in the future in the store. Providing we can grab some pants in excellent or unworn vintage condition.

The one thing these pants wouldn't stand up to is getting burned with cigarettes (or other things)... and since smoking was something people did a lot back then don't be surprised if you find a pair with some burns on 'em.

Not from us. We're just sayin'.