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Where can I find Disco Party Clothes online?

Where can I find Disco Party Clothes online?

If you're a guy, and you want to show up on the scene dressed up in REAL clothes that were manufactured in the 1970's - check out DressThatMan.com.

We've got LOADS of prime men's vintage - and we also have a lot of UNWORN men's 70's clothes, too. That's right, man. We've got thousands of original seventies shirts that ARE brand new in 70's packaging. Lots of groovy vintage clothing that is still waiting to get picked up by a man and a disco-style party. These clothes are living the dream.

Our clothing is worn by indie musicians who roll their own way and by guys who know that when they "dare to be different" - they will get some major attention wherever they are. You can't grab clothes like these out shopping locally in major department stores. Even celebrities know that wearing genuine vintage gains the added advantage that nobody else shows up on the scene wearing something so unique.

Check out DressThatMan.com and add some genuine vintage to your wardrobe, man!

Monday, August 08, 2016

1970's Mens Suit UNWORN Deadstock Vintage

Get your 70's freak ON in a genuine men's suit from the fabulous disco era. THIS is the real deal. Made in the seventies. Never had a man to call it's own. If the suit fits you, YOU can be this suit's destiny, man!

This suit is a 42 LONG - 36" waist pants with a 34-1/2" inseam - searching for a TALL guy.

Check it our here: http://www.dressthatman.com/pics2/suit/suit1395c.jpg

DressThatMan.com specializes in 1970's UNWORN vintage for MEN only.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Monday, August 01, 2016

Men's Clothing for a 1970's Disco Party!

The 70's is well known for its outrageous clothing style.

If you're a man looking to buy something to wear to a 1970's disco theme party, chances are good that if you're looking to shop online you will find DressThatMan.com!

We've got REAL clothing from the seventies, man. No cheesy costume type clothing for you. Only the REAL thing will do!

Check us out... and we have a LOT of unworn mens genuine 1970's clothes, too.

DressThatMan.com - we specialize in men's vintage 70's threads.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1970's Attire for Men

Searching for ORIGINAL 1970's attire for men? Are you a costume designer shopping online for stage or film? Or, are you a man searching online for the REAL clothing from the 70's era?

1970's clothes for men
DressThatMan.com specializes in men's clothing from the 70's. We currently have a wide selection of UNWORN men's designer 70's shirts as well a a selection of seventies slacks, sport coats and MORE.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mens NYLON Shirts at DressThatMan.com

Searching for Mens NYLON Shirts? Check out the mens vintage shirt collection at at DressThatMan.com we've got a BIG selection of nylon shirts for men. Nylon fabric is smooth and slinky and has a little bit of stretch to it so it clings to your body - it was extremely popular in the 1970's - and, we've got the real deal, man. Genuine 70's nylon shirts that are UNWORN and from the 70's. Dare to be different when it comes to adding new pieces to your wardrobe and get ready to STAND OUT in the crowd!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Men's 1950's Swing Dancer Shirt UNWORN Vintage

RARE late 1950's Mens size MEDIUM 15 - 15-1/2
that has NEVER BEEN WORN. Men's vintage from
the 1950's is difficult to source in deadstock condition.

Get the details this mens vintage shirt HERE.


find MORE mens vintage clothing at

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SHOP for RARE Mens size 3XL 1970's Vintage XXXL Shirts for a 70s Disco Party

We've currently got a rare vintage selection of NEVER WORN men's genuine 1970's shirts in stock at DressThatMan.com. And, if you're a big guy looking for REAL 70's clothing - you very likely already know how difficult it is to find these items.

Check out these RARE XXXL Mens Shirts for sale at DressThatMan.com here!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mens RETRO 70's Shirts for Sale at DressThatMan.com

Mens RETRO 70's Shirts for sale at DressThatMan.com are COOL, man!

And... these simply are NOT "retro style" 1970's shirts - the shirts we've got are REAL clothes from the seventies! That's right, man. No substandard costumes or flimsy lookalikes here. AUTHENTIC clothes from the 70's for men who wanna keep it real - and... best of all...

....the majority of men's vintage 70's shirts you'll find at DressThatMan.com have NEVER BEEN WORN.

Yep. You, Sir can step out from a 1970's time capsule and onto the scene wearing original gear from the wildest fashion era known to man.

PLUS, we're confident that we've got the largest collection of super rare 70s mens XL, 2XL and even some 3XL shirts that have never been worn as well!

See the entire 70's shirt collection here. Note: please be patient... the entire 70s shirt collection takes some extra time to load...

Go here to search our mens vintage shirt collection by sizing, style and era.

Monday, April 04, 2016

1970's Saturday night fever style Mens SHIRTS

Check out DressThatMan.com for REAL shirts from the 1970's!

If you're clamoring to go back in time and party in REAL 70's attire,
we have a wide variety of original seventies shirts that are Brand NEW
and are still awaiting the disco dancing man of their dreams. 

see the 70s mens shirt shown below here


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wild Thing: BIG size 1970's Shirts for Men

Big guy needs a REAL shirt for a 70's party? Collector of 1970's
memorabilia looking for a gem to add to the pile? We've got your
seventies shirt at DressThatMan.com! Genuine REAL 70's shirts
that are amazingly UNWORN. True vintage. Iconic 70's Vintage.

Wild Thing: BIG size 1970's Shirts for Men


Friday, February 26, 2016

DressThatMan.com: Politically Incorrect 1970's Shirts Online

DressThatMan.com: Politically Incorrect 1970's Shirts Online

Here's some iconic and Politically Incorrect mens 1970's shirts that are the REAL THING from the 70's sold online at DressThatMan.com. These 70's shirts are what is known in the men's vintage industry as DEADSTOCK - meaning, they were manufactured in the 1970's and have NEVER BEEN WORN.

Groovy, right?! Well, hell yeah, man. Celebrating the excesses of the seventies, these particular shirts are illustrated with booze, cigarettes and golfing! We've got a limited amount of these mens 70's shirts at DressThatMan.com in various color combinations. Check 'em out!

Perfect for a 70's disco party or just for the man who dares to be drastically different when it comes to his fashion...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mens Vintage Clothing at DressThatMan.com: Mens XL 1970's Shirt

Mens Vintage Clothing at DressThatMan.com: Mens XL 1970's Shirt

Going to a 70's disco party? Just looking for something unique to wear
that every other guy isn't wearing off the rack? Got a need for original
clothes from the 1970's for men for a production?

We have LOADS of pristine, NEVER WORN shirts from the seventies 
for men only at DressThatMan.com.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

SHOP for Seventies Clothes for MEN at DressThatMan.com

SHOP for Seventies Clothes for MEN at DressThatMan.com.

We've got the largest collection of RARE XL+ men's 70's shirts that have
NEVER been worn - and these are REAL shirts were made in the 70's.

That includes some super RARE 2XL and 3XL size men's 1970's shirts!

If you're searching for the original clothes of the 70's -
DressThatMan.com can FUNK YOU UP, man!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Double Knit Polyester Pants from the 70's

Whoa, man. If you lived in the 70's you wore double knit polyester fabric. Here's your chance to relive the disco era in a pair of genuine 1970's mens double knit polyester pants that have NEVER BEEN worn by another man. That's correct, Sir. They were made in the 70's and are still waiting for a man to call their own... check out DressThatMan.com for the best selection of men's original 1970's clothing online.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Mens Pants in the 1970's

Searching for mens pants from the 70's?

Check out the vintage pant selection from DressThatMan.com 

We've got a large selection of UNWORN seventies clothes for MEN.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1970's Vintage Baseball Shirts for Men

Do you have a love of baseball? Enjoy those big stadium baseball games?

Well check out these UNWORN men's vintage shirts from the 1970's with a baseball theme... that's right. These shirts were made in the 70's and have NEVER BEEN WORN.

Real 70s Vintage. Still pining away for a man to show it off...

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

What did guys wear in the 70's?

If you're wondering what guys wore in the 70's - check out DressThatMan.com for the scoop on ORIGINAL men's fashion in the 1970's.

We've got many fashion items for men from the 70s that are pristine and UNWORN.

Our 1970s clothes for men are perfect for keeping it real at a seventies disco party, or just for guys who dare to be different.

Our clothes have been seen on stage, movies, television and in print media. We have a niche market in genuine 70's fashion for men and love hearing about the fun you've had in authentic mens vintage clothing.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Men's Suits of the 1970's

Men's Suits of the 1970's were primarily polyester.
If you're adamant about keeping it real in authentic fashion from the 1970's,
check out DressThatMan.com - and shop for mens original 1970's clothes.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Men's Clothing in the 1970's

Are you searching for men's 1970's clothing? Shop at DressThatMan.com - we specialize in 70's clothing that is UNWORN and gently preworn seventies clothes for MEN.

Got a disco theme party to attend? Are you looking for unique men's clothing that you can't buy in brick and mortar stores? Are you involved in a production that needs REAL 70's fashion and clothing from the 1970's for men?

 Men's Clothing In the 1970's
Check us out!

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