Friday, February 25, 2005

humble beginnings...

Ahhhhh. Jump into the fray, or... into the pile I should say. Which I did. Along with the blog.

If someone would have ever told me that I would, one day, be surrounded by thousands of articles of men's vintage clothing and loving every damn minute of it, I would have freaked out.

Yes. And here I am. Grooving to the old disco music blaring out of the radio (Disco Nights by GQ in case you were wondering) while I gaze across the room toward racks of wild big collar shirts and funky clothes that are begging to come alive again. I can almost imagine some of them filled with former life and dancing across the room. Lights dim. Fog machine. Strobe lights. I'm so mesmerized at the thought I feel stoned.

Perhaps it's that energy transference thing I've read about. You know. The apparent claim that energy is stored in places and things. Maybe it's taking me over.

There's lots of work I hope to do this weekend. I need a clear head to do it with. Coding and testing the site requires concentration.

OK then. Time to go hang with the designer suits and dress shirts with the hope that some corporate sense transfers upon me.

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