Monday, May 08, 2006

Cyber House of Crazy Style a la mode

It was Charles Caleb Colton that coined the phrase, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

As defines that phrase, “To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment—often an unintended compliment.”

Thanks, man. We’ve noticed that you’ve noticed us.

Some of our customers, and a few complete strangers, have pointed some of the copycats out to us. While a few people here were initially a little huffy over it, the feeling quickly passed.

Normal human emotion, baby. Nothing more and nothing less.

After a few beers and some reflection, we’re sleeping undisturbed. The foundation on which we’ve been built won’t be undermined by the imitators. Because the crack ass creative team here will always have more to give to the common good at We don’t need to pillage and plunder the web to look for the stirring that already exists in our spaced out souls.

We didn’t start out doing our thing by copying what anyone else was doing. Sure there were others established in the market, and there is always room for one more like every other healthy competitive market.
Our approach was different because we’re different, and that’s exactly what we love about us. The difference. It’s true, that’s what our customers love about us, too. And, we’re all about them. We’re having a smashing time here, and we’re doing all of this for the guys who need to relax, take a break from the usual and just have some damn fun.

With all the seriousness and distress in the world, diversions are a necessity. And so we digress... a lightbeam on the information superhighway, flagging down the guys who step to the beat of a different drummer, we’re happy to know that we’re playing our part and living in that light. Because it’s all good at DressThatMan’s Cyber House of Crazy Style a la mode.

Pick your predilection. Lighten up. Live, love and laugh before you have to leave.

Mimicry is human. Although flat out plagiarism, even in borrowing bits and pieces along with complete phrasing, is truly for the unimaginative and uninspired. Plus, it can backfire and weaken your original strengths. There is a lot to be said for originality. More than just keeping you from being sued.

Many imitations don't measure up to the real thing. Take imitation crab meat for one. Ugh. That is not at all flattering to crabs. In fact, if crabs were actually crabby and highly hormonal, someone would have been told off by now over all that pinky-white non-flaky fakeness.

Be true to yourself. Always.

Stand up for who you are, for what you believe in... and you’ll surely stand out.


Denny said...

People steal everything that isnt nailed down. The net is notorious for it. Kepp up the site like you guys are.Nobody can match it. The old contenders are as stale as hell. No way can they change enough now to make a diffrence. DRESSTHATMAN ROCKS!!!!!! said...

Thanks for the love Denny. Next time you order we'll throw in somethin' extra for ya.

Dude! You're not looking in the right places - because there is LOTS of good stuff out there in cyberspace. Not sure who you bought from before, but... we're more than happy to be your disco dealer, man. We sho nuff got some damn good stuff.

Want a PR job, do ya? LOL :)

Jenny Lou said...

People imitate becasue they are impressed with your style. The site style and products along with the fun way it is presented is really slick. Whoever designed the site knew what they were doing. That must have cost a bomb! Very few people could or would try to conciously copy you I don't think but the site has dazzle and positive energy to boot. Its human nature to want a piece of that.

Adult Costumes said...

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