Friday, October 13, 2006


Stand tall, man.

We all cannot be Robert Wadlow, and really... how many of us aspire to be 8 foot 11 inches anyway? The fact is, we don't. But, some of us wouldn't mind being a few inches taller. Just to boost our confidence.

Whatever works, works. Mens platform shoes, elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, mens heels, inserts to give you lifts... whatever gets a rise out of you so you stand a little taller and feel more confidence, well Sir... it's all good.

Check out the vintage shoe section over at - while we are certainly known for clothing and attire that will funk you up in a flashy way, what you may NOT have noticed, is that certain styles of platform shoes - the ones that aren't overly exaggerated - they contain classic good looks to enhance your stance wherever you are.

We dig the classic leather platform wing tips with business attire and the more dressy casual look. The platform of the shoe itself in this particular wing tip style is relatively small in height and the heel is just right to boost you a few extra inches. These vintage shoes we're made back in the 70's and are great for the disco, but... unlike costume type platform shoes, they have classic good looks and can be worn by men who want to boost their height a bit all year round.

Check 'em out.

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