Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Groovy guys! Check out the vintage Platform Shoe section and search for ORIGINAL men's Platform Shoes from the 1970's. The vast majority of shoes from the disco era we have on our site are BRAND NEW deadstock vintage shoes that have never been worn.

We wanted to give you a heads up because we've now got a very LIMITED number of UNWORN authentic 1970's shoes in the following smaller sizes:

Mens 7 and under

Mens 8 - 8.5

Mens 9 - 9.5

...and of course, we've still got some size 10's, 11's and a very small number left of size 12 and up.

These funky 70's shoes are the REAL disco deal, man. They've been waiting for the right man to come along and show them a good time for decades now. How they survived unscathed from that hard partying disco era is beyond our wildest imaginings.

Your PREMIER disco dealer scores with the goods, man. We've got the good shit... and that's exactly why our customers keep coming back.

DressThatMan.com is all about keeping it real, baby!

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