Friday, July 13, 2007

Mens XL and XXL + 70s Disco Clothes!

Men's XL and XXL + original 1970's vintage DISCO era clothes are very hard to find. Yet, you bigger guys could get lucky enough to get your 70's groove on via your Disco Dealer at because, we've got the good stuff, man!

We've recently acquired a limited amount of some RARE extra large and big and tall sizes in mens authentic vintage. We'll be putting them up on the site over the coming months.

DressThatMan KNOWS the big guys love to party down and we're doing our best to bring it to ya.


Anonymous said...

SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything you had has been sold in the pictures. Sales Team said...

2015 UPDATE: We've got many more XL and XXL+ sizes in mens authentic 1970's shirts that are unworn that are being added to starting this spring and continuing throughout the year.