Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You asked for it and you got it, man. DISCO CLOTHES! You wanna look the part and dress up 70's style for Halloween. Maybe you want to be John Travolta and wear a white disco suit from the 1970's. And, REAL vintage white suits from the disco era are like finding a needle in a haystack - and expensive if you find one. So, instead you opt for costume clothes. If that's you, then check this place out:

Of course, if you're throwing the party and want to look like you stepped back in time, you'll want to shop at DressThatMan.com - we've got MORE original 1970's clothes that are UNWORN and waiting for the right man to come along than any place you'll find worldwide. Bell bottoms and 70s flares, polyester leisure suits, wild print vintage disco shirts and authentic 1970's unworn Men's Platform Shoes.

Make your event historic by wearing the REAL vintage deal, man! Shop early so you get what you want... our stuff is flying off the shelves as you read this. If you wait until the last minute to shop express shipping is costly and you might not find that gem you are looking for in our inventory.

Don't forget the disco party accessories! You gotta have the Lava Lamp and the mirror disco ball to do it up right. If course, a strobe light and a fog machine would add to the funk factor...

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Room Decor at SpencersOnline.com

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Kerrie said...

Thx for the links. We bought my boyfriend a costume outfit and wish we could have got what we truly wanted from Dress That Man. We'll always regret that because the costume clothing was pretty darn flimsy