Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Original 70's Polyester Leisure Suits

Here's a genuine 1970's super groovy RUST color polyester leisure suit made by Levi's. For the action man on the dance floor, this suit will move and groove with you all night long. Polyester doesn't wrinkle easily, and it has a natural stretch to it - so you won't feel constrained showing off the manliest of maneuvers.

This suit is fully machine washable, too. Labeled an XL, the jacket measures up as a 44 and the flared pants measure in at 39x32. Western influenced with the pearly snaps. A standout with the contrasting top stitching on the jacket and the pants.

Get all the details on this vintage disco era suit here. Come on cowboy... lets get it ON!


Mitch said...

Dear God! I recall wearing these clothes. How fun!

Anonymous said...

It's sold already dammit.