Thursday, September 13, 2012

Men Wearing Polyester - 70's Fashion

The year is 1975. You're flipping the pages of the heavy big book weighing on your lap. The Sears Catalog. Yes, sir. This dream book of consumer merchandise had its place in the majority of homes in the USA. 

Sears Best brand men's polyester ensembles pictured on the page above were your typical sporty casual outfit. Men in the 70's found that polyester was the predominate fabric in off the rack fashion. If you weren't wearing jeans, you were probably wearing polyester. And, why not. It was wrinkle free without ironing, stains were easy to remove and it stretched as you moved. You're an action man. 

Mens polyester pants, shirts and jackets were worn snug back in the seventies. The Sears catalog offered a visual representation color coordination of mens outfits right down to the belt. Your grand daddy had it going on, man.

We've had Sears Best brand mens vintage clothing from the 1970's at over the years. There's a good chance we'll have it again!

In 1992, Internet access was available to the general public - in 1993, Sears stopped printing the big catalogs.

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