Sunday, July 31, 2005

...who is that man at DressThatMan?

Some men have ALL the fun...

he’s untamed in a sea of blase attire
there’s only one thing that sets him on fire

remnants of the past in garment form
he’s wild, he’s fiery, he’s so not the norm

peculiar, particular, he’s an uncommon man
a full fashion misfit against a sea of the bland

he exceeds expectation and transcends limits
the brighter the pattern the more he wants in it

he’s got sizzle, sass, electric dazzle and dare
he promotes dropped jaws and whispering stares

he walks in the room, people stare and turn ashen
for he’s pure proof of the fever called polyester passion

If he’s got a fever that needs to be fed, we’ve got his poison.

Purveyor of authentic disco era shirts.

verse is the intellectual property of Sam at and may not be used without our expressed consent

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