Friday, September 23, 2005

70s Disco Party Clothes for Men

Looking for mens polyester 1970's Disco Leisure Suits? Look no further than !

We've been having a damn BLAST putting together some of the funkiest stuff for you retro party guys, and we can tell you that we're having a hard time keeping stock because these suits are literally flying off the shelves.

Bell bottoms and wild disco shirts are prime items for fun men on planet earth. Get that man in a crazy AUTHENTIC disco shirt and his personality changes immediately. We've had such an amazing reception from all of you wild men that we can barely keep up with your demands for the best of the best in retro 70s party attire.

The crew at DressThatMan just wants to say.... we LOVE you guys!

And, thanks for all of the compliments you've given us lately - especially the ones we would never publish publicly. It keeps us inspired even when we are dead ass tired.

If you haven't checked us out, get over here before all of the goods are entirely picked over.

The work day is done for us. It's Friday night and we're heading out for a night on the town. We'll quaff some for you, eh?

Hopefully, our heads will be clear and we'll get some major work done by the time we're back at it when Monday rolls around.


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