Friday, September 30, 2005

Disco Party - get out the PLATFORM SHOES !

How many men twisted their ankles wearing platforms back in the 70's? There has to be an injury log out there somewhere, because most of us have seen guys in flat shoes fall on their asses in the club. Generally while trying to perform a stunt on the dance floor, or... just before closing time.

We can't imagine some of the guys we know having the impediment of wearing such shoes while trying to navigate anything. Apparently, back in the 70's, it wasn't a problem. These shoes were super styling, super fly pimp daddy-o freaky cool to the nth degree. No doubt there were people staring at these bad ass shoes 30 plus years ago and wishing they could only be so damn cool.

Foot stomping, jive talkin', platform pumping, leisure suit, tight disco shirt wearing hot ass stud muffin. And if he could pull off the moves and swivel those hips on the lighted dance floor, he was the farkin' KING.

Leisure suit jacket comes off, hung on the back of his bar chair and he's back on the dance floor. The shirt is tucked in, the flares or big bells are skin tight and he's groovin' to the thump of the bass. Fog machine and strobe lights make even the people who can't dance look like they can. And, if you're stoned on your ass after that visit to your car with your friends in the parking lot to smoke some weed and are now sitting in your seat, you're staring at the whole picture unaware that your mouth is open and you look like a dork and a half. You may as well get on the dance floor and do a twirling whirling dervish under the strobe in the fog just because, well... it'll freak out people who know you.

We can't tell you how many disco shirts we've picked up only to find what appears to be pot seed burns on them, but... it's been a LOT. So... if you're looking for something like that, let us know. Most of them don't make the transition to being put up on But, we always seem to keep a few around.

You can score a stoners shirt from the 70's.

Munchies not included.

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