Friday, November 18, 2005

Disco Clothing - Passion for 70's Fashion

There’s something about mens 1970’s fashion that we absolutely love.

The wild disco print polyester shirts, shiny nylon shirts, the big butterfly collars, the flares and bellbottom pants, the crazy fun and super funky polyester leisure suits, the platform shoes... the 70’s was an era in mens vintage clothing that stands out and away from the others surrounding it.

Defined, at least in part, by the rhythmic beats of disco music - it was a decade of men's fashion distinction. Back in the 70’s, some people loved to hate disco music, and we think it’s because they we’re flat out trippin’ and jive talkin’ shit because they couldn’t dance. And, if you couldn’t shake that thang, why go to the club harboring thumpy beats? Although some of them kept on truckin’ past the discothèque fearing the boogie, other non-dancers made themselves at home there sitting at a table having drinks, while watching the show out on the lighted dance floor and keeping an eye on their friends gear. Fog machines pumping while the strobe lights add a trippy visual, police beacons, whistles & sirens, platforms bumping, hands clapping and waving in the air… it was so very Studio 54, in varying scales, all across the land.

That very same disco music from the 1970’s is making a HUGE resurgence in clubs worldwide today. It’s not all that different from techno pop, electronica, dance party house music being made now - because… if you’re hip to the real retro euro seventies groove you KNOW that music has clear Disco roots. If you never experienced the 70’s yourself, and you went to a club that mixed it up and sporadically played actual club music from that era – and we’re NOT talking strictly about the Disco music that was played on the radio – but, comparable to today's electronica and techno, mixed a bit, you may not even realize it’s music from the 70’s.

Now back to the Disco Clothes.

At…we’re totally flipped out, man. Right ON! Because we love the BUZZ that authentic 1970’s vintage disco clothing creates. You betcha. Mostly, WE LOVE getting modern men into 1970’s disco shirts. The wilder the better, baby! As well as seventies polyester Leisure Suits and bell bottom pants or flared leg pants, too. Why? We mainly love it because you can take the most straight laced guys and turn them into wild party men once they don our kick ass 1970’s threads. Disco clothing transforms these men into polyester super heroes.

It's just plain FUN!

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