Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quality Vintage Clothing

We're so frickin' PICKY when it comes to our merchandise.
And...that's exactly WHY we have so many repeat customers!

We have declassified this TOP SECRET information, and are now prepared to divulge our highly technical methods and terminology to determine what we will sell on DressThatMan.com

If, in the course of garment inspection any of the following phrases are uttered, or variances thereof, the article is immediately placed into the rejection pile.

1. What in the hell is this?
2. Man, this smells like --- insert adjective of your choice here ---
3. This is - pick one > a.fake b.cheap repro c.a rag d.mine
4. I wouldn't coerce a muddy dog I didn't like to wear this shit.

DressThatMan.com Declassified
putting YOU in the know!


Anonymous said...

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Jason V said...

No shit. I got some stuff from another vintage store and it was RAGS and they wouldn't take it back!!!!!!!!! Read the return policies before you buy people.