Monday, April 17, 2006

Disco Shirts: Everybody in the Club

Everybody in the club getting tipsy... everybody got a designated driver, no worries. BUT! Not everybody and we DO mean every body in the club of the male persuasion... has the confidence and panache to pull some things off. Take these wild print disco shirts from the 1970's. Not every guy has what it takes to wear a picture print 70's disco shirt.

As for those who can... you know who they are. They know who they are.

They are the life of the party men.
These are the dudes who exude. These men are fun and have been blessed with outgoing personalities. It doesn't matter whether that man is in the Club or not.

The few. The proud. The true partiers.

Rescue a relic, man. Snatch up a fashion flashback.

Wear the funky disco shirt. Repeat this mantra.

Shirt happens.

You're out of control.

You're a disco dancing machine...

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