Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rock Star GLAM Platform Boots

What more needs to be said about a pair of super funked up early 70's Glam Rocker platform boots? Straight from the Funky Fashion shrine at Dress That Man, we think these crazy boots belong in a museum or, showcased along with the eclectic collection at the Golden Palace Casino in Las Vegas - the casino famous for buying all of the oddities on ebay. BUT... for now, they are our very own good luck charm and we're happy to have them hanging around to inspire us. We can't even look at these boots without smirking.

Blame the British. They gave us Glam Rock, baby!


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Anonymous said...

If I win the lottery those boots are SO going to be MINE!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, baby. Those boots kick butt. Makes you long for the seventies.