Friday, June 30, 2006

Men Never Ask For Directions

Men Never Ask for Directions

Yes, Sir. We've been known to get lost frequently, because we don't like asking for directions.

Whenever my father appeared lost while driving, and my Mother said, "...are you lost?" His common response was always, "I know where I am going."

Sure he did. Even if it was around in circles. Even if we went for miles and miles until he found his bearings, he never once admitted he was lost.

DressThatMan recently added another tool to our arsenal and we couldn't be happier about it. A portable and affordable 330c GPS unit made by Garmin.

Now, all of you Men out there - you never HAVE to EVER ask for directions, no matter what. Plus guys love electronic gadgets anyway, so if you need to get a gift for that person who almost has everything, then we've done the legwork for you.

This thing is so slick it's unreal. Touchpad screen lets you punch in addresses or search by name. Find the nearest gas station, food, lodging and more in a snap. Simple to use and it always knows where you are at. It's portable so you can take in in any vehicle you are riding in.

We've spent the last few days sporadically driving around and smirking happily. Now we can venture anywhere and find any location in North America the very first time. Imagine that!

Buy one of these GPS units today and make someone incredibly happy!

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Jerry Cardoba said...

I have the same model gps and love it. Never lost again. Great for unfamiliar places and for finding great things in your own town.