Friday, June 30, 2006

Vintage Clothing Site Server Down

Ugh. The dread of any ecommerce business is having your site down.

We switched from one nightmare hosting situation to what today looks like another. We have contacted the host and left numerous messages. We have yet to receive a reply and the site has been down now for over 13 hours as I am writing.

Choosing a host to begin with is a tough decision, and from time to time... they all have little interruptions, we know. BUT... the fact that this guy promises us the moon in reliability and seems nowhere to be found has us feeling frustrated initially and now incredibly infuriated.

No site, no ecommerce. Simple.

Hold onto your hats, men. DressThatMan is experiencing a nasty glitch - and we'll soon be switching servers again. One with 24/7 real person support and continual site monitoring services.

Unfortunately for us, we prepaid for hosting services for a year when we switched over to him. But, we're dumping the host company anyway - because in the long run, it'll cost us far more.

Too bad really, because we really liked this guy.

Unfortunately, you can't base your business on the "I like him a lot" factor. So, now his likable self is toast. We're jumping ship yet again.

Shit, eh?

Put the beer on ice... it's far too warm here to feel bitchy all day.

...14 hours later and we're now back online.

We aren't sure exactly what has happened to our likable hosting provider, but we've now discovered he's a 1 man operation and we had no clue. Obviously, we hope nothing bad has befallen him as we discovered in another forum that he's been mysteriously gone for about a month now - and other people are freaking out. It seems he is a reseller of hosting services and didn't have a back up plan to reboot the server! Yikes.

One of our staff members contacted the company he was buying hosting services from via live chat and, essentially sweet talked this guy into rebooting the server... so now we've saved a portion of the planet as there were several other ecommerce sites being hosted there with him.

Like migratory fowl, it's time for us to fly...

...ever notice the word hosted and hosting and what it looks like when you remove that "T" in it?

Sometimes that's exactly what you are left with.

UPDATE: 07/12

We've completed our migration to the new reliable server!

We still have no idea what in the hell happened with our last host. He seems to have fell off the face of the planet. His site is still up. We'll see what happens there in the long run...

Like most problems, just throw some money at them and, most of the time - they go away. Like magic.

Unfortunately, our last host cost us. Money is one thing. Grief is another... but, we'd like to get answers from him as well as get the money back we spent on services that just weren't there.

Anyway... we're happy to be back in business bringing you the best mens vintage clothing we can dish up. And, we've got LOTS of items waiting in the wings for you guys.

Stay tuned!


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Mac said...

Hiya Mac....

Of course we remember you. The last time we heard from you was on New Years Eve.

Here it is another holiday, the 4th of July!

We think you are chained to your desk. You may even sleep there. sounds great... and, don't forget to write to us on Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

:^) Sam