Sunday, August 20, 2006

Disco Clothes for Groovy GUYS!

Men! Get ready to get your freak on big time 70's style.

DressThatMan is gearing up for a BIG sell out this fall - we're rolling in seventies fashion for men and prepping it to put online for your perusal. So, if your looking for that retro look you'd better start shopping now.

We'll be rolling out mens polyester leisure suits, mod 60's fashion, polyester bellbottom pants, crazy funky print disco flared pants. AND, of course... boatloads of excellent quality wild disco shirts with big azz butterfly collars from the 60's and 70's. We've also got more deadstock, brand new unworn Platform DISCO SHOES for men coming up!

We're so excited that we're working overtime trying to keep up with your demands for the BEST vintage mens clothing we can find on the planet earth. We reject SO MUCH because it just isn't up to our standards, or yours. That's right. The DressThatMan men are a cut above. You deserve the very best!

Stay tuned guys, we're ready to unleash a torrent of groovy goods...

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