Monday, August 28, 2006


Lately we've got bombarded with virus laden emails originating out of Africa and Asia, attempting to masquarade as they are coming from Also known as email spoofing. Read about it here.

If anyone out there gets any email from "us" such as this - rest assured, we have nothing to do with it at all. We've already sent abuse reports to the carrier and quite frankly, we have much better things to do than to attempt to disrupt business or individuals in a malicious manner on any front.

We don't send out attachments in any emails. There is no reason to do so. Learn exactly how viruses and worms spread via email here.

Prior to the flood of forged emails, we had several attempts from Ghana to place orders on our site using American adresses and credit card information. This activity along with the originating IP addresses have also been reported.

It's always something. Ain't it?

Now back to work at DressThatMan.
We've got lots of good stuff coming your way, man.

The asshats can get the funk out of our way.

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