Friday, September 01, 2006

Mens PLATFORM SHOES from the 70's

Men's Platform shoes from the 70's! DressThatMan specializes in super rare UNWORN vintage deadstock DISCO SHOES for men. In storage for decades since the height of the disco era, these funky shoes make everyone smile because they are so frickin' outrageous. The 1970's was such a stand out crazy decade for men's fashion it stands apart from the rest. Are you the kind of guy who has the guts to wear original clothing from the 70's? Are you funky enough to proudly strut your stuff in flashback fashion? Can you party hearty and still manage to and dance and walk in platforms? Is nothing but the REAL THING good enough for you?

Get ready for that retro party, man. Because DressThatMan is gonna cover your clodhoppers in BRAND NEW, never been worn before, virgin Platform Shoes.

We've got a wave coming on... watch for it.

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