Thursday, April 19, 2007

70's CLOTHES FOR MEN and MORE from!

Of course, we've got more than authentic vintage mens 70's clothing at, but... since that IS what we specialize in, that's what you'll find the most of. Although, you disco partiers and retro loving guys keep us on our toes just trying to keep the store stocked! Some days we'll put things up that are sold with hours of listing. While that's not a bad thing, our clients worldwide certainly keep us moving.

Higher Standards in Men's Vintage Clothing is committed to continue to offer higher standards in men's vintage clothing. Why? Because we know how much you guys out there appreciate it. Our customers don't want items that are ripped, stained or smelly and neither do we! Rarely do we offer an item that has any issues. Any items we list that do have issues are few and far between, these rare exceptions are certainly not the norm for us, and they never will be. Clients who are looking to put together a 70's outfit for a disco party - or for the love of all clothes retro, our men care about what they are wearing and how they look, and so do we! is not in the practice of trying to beat the search engines by spamming keywords regarding our stock with things you won't find once you arrive, no way man. Aside from artificially inflating your page and website hits, how about considering the point of view of the potential shopper and web surfer looking for relevant content?

Once you reach a particular destination on the web, if you don't see what you're looking for when you arrive - no matter how you get there, it only takes a nanosecond to click your ass right on outta there. Who really believes those false advertising
tactics created by keyword spamming are going to work with today's savvy internet consumer? We sure don't. Because none of us here appreciate that kind of shit when we're surfing to buy anything, or even when we are surfing to look. The consensus here is that relevant content is the only way to go.

We can assume that the majority of vintage clothing retailers are well versed in stain removal practices, as we are, so don't be fooled if you find something stained on a site that says something to the effect of, it may come out when it's laundered. Chances are it won't. We utilize a wide variety of stain cleaning tactics if need be, and if something doesn't come out, 99% of the time the item never makes it onto the site and is disposed of.

The exception to cleaning items for us is if the item is unworn, vintage deadstock. If an item has noticeable "shelf dust" from decades of storage, we'll let you know in the listing. We inspect all of our deadstock merchandise for fade, odors and staining before it is listed. Regarding all of our merchandise, if it doesn't make the grade here, it doesn't make the site, but... just might find it somewhere else.

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