Wednesday, April 04, 2007


a disco party to go to? Need to get funked up for that special retro 70's disco theme party event? Or, are you one of those guys who just loves the total unique factor of mens vintage clothing? Whatever the case may be, has the funky fashion you crave! Boogie down in authentic clothing from the seventies, man. Ain't nothing like putting a guy in a wild disco shirt, a polyester leisure suit, or some 70s flares or bell bottoms and unleashing him out on the dance floor. Out comes his 1970's party man alter ego.

Check our ever changing stock of mens wild disco shirts, 70's pants, polyester leisure suits, and mens vintage platform shoes. We specialize in DEADSTOCK, unworn vintage clothing for men, so you can get your groove on in pure retro style. Check out our huge selection of deadstock vintage merchandise HERE.

We carry a limited number of hard-to-find original ANGELS FLIGHT 70's disco pants that were manufactured in the USA by the now defunct Tobias Kotzin company in San Francisco California. Not to be confused with inferior cheap costume clothing being touted by costume outfitters under the misleading brand name "ANGEL FLIGHT" - these ANGELS FLIGHT (note the "S" on ANGELS) brand are the authentic vintage disco era goods.

Get that retro groove on in mens genuine vintage fashion at and STAND OUT in that crowd, man.

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Nick said...

Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as you. DressThatMan you are the best! Sending you some love from down under mate.