Monday, January 12, 2009

1970's Vintage Jeans

Looking for 70's flares and bell bottom jeans from the disco era? Check out Dress That Man for some genuine denim fashion that is UNWORN.

1970's denim Levi's have superior fabrics in comparison to what you'll find on the racks in stores today. Those jeans are heavy duty and feel stiff until you break them in by wearing them and washing them several times, and... they wear like iron. Just ask your Dad or your Grandfather. They'll know exactly what we are talking about.

We've also got a limited number of late 60's and early 70's denim jeans. These vintage jeans also have a 14 oz heavy duty denim fabric. Plus, they are SANFORIZED meaning the fabric was specifically treated using a 1930 trademarked process to reduce shrinkage in cotton-blend fabrics to less than 1%. You can read more about the Sanforized process here.

Not all vintage jeans are created equal. One popular (made for the department store masses) from the 1970's was the "Male" brand - the fabric as well as the construction of this particular brand was made of cheaper materials and methods. Yes, there certainly are plenty of others that fall into that category of lesser quality and construction (such as many sailor type patch pocket jeans from the 70's) - but, the "Male" brand is one that stands out, as there seems to be a lot of them still out there in the vintage market.

We get a few Male brand vintage items on occasion, mainly because they were part of a large lot, but we don't actively pursue that brand any longer after receiving complaints on the quality of the construction - which we agree with!

Nothing beats the heavy duty denim in original vintage flares and bells, man!


Tim said...

I agree that MALE BRAND jeans are crap quaility. They were cheap trash even back in the 1970s. Not surprising that they are leftover still.

Reggie said...

"Brittania" is another shit name. Everything I bought in that lable fell apart fast in the late 70's.