Monday, July 13, 2009

The best of Muskegon Michigan!

Man, sometimes you take a weekend trip and you simply have to blog about it. A couple of the staff here at visited Muskegon, Michigan over the weekend and are still raving about the weekend jaunt. When you can't shut up about something... you had better document it in writing.

You HAVE to have the ultimate Bistro experience at Mia & Grace. Owned and operated by chefs Je
remy and Jamie Paquin, who adhere to the "farm to table" philosophy of serving food grown and raised locally.

Yes, I can cook and you can cook, but - Jeremy and Jamie aren't wh
at we would call cooks in the simple context of the word - without a doubt, they are world class chefs that will serve you food that will completly blow you away. Superb. Freakin' fantabulosity, baby. After eating there and meeting them, I'm seriously thinking I cannot actually cook at all.

Yes, the dining experience at Mia & Grace had such a gastronomically profound impact on us that if we were ever given the choice to take a trip back in a time machine back to the 1970's to Studio 54 disco or eat at Mia & Grace... "well, hello Jeremy and Jamie... bring it ON!"

After lunch we visited our favorite winery in Muskegon - Clay Avenue Cellars to sample the new stuff and acquire fresh fruit wines. The wines are made with Michigan grown fruit and have no added color or artificial flavorings. Simply delicious. Perfect for imbibing with friends on the Lake Michigan beachfront while watching the sunset (and for hauling several cases back home). The wine from Clay Avenue Cellars totally capped off the perfect day, even while we were still talking about the Mia & Grace experience!

We had such a phenomenal time in Muskegon we were compelled to share it. Good food and wine are meant to be shared experiences. This was one weekend for the memory bank... and the groovy people associated with it all ROCK!

We'll be back. Soon. As in very.


Steven said...

You are right. Mia & Grace is fantastic! I'll be checking out the winery next time I am in town.

Jon said...

Clay Avenue Cellers has the BEST fruit wine I have ever tasted and have tasted a lot of wine around the world. Highly recommended that you try it when you are in Muskegon Michigan. Mia and Grace was a stupendous recommendation as well! Thanks for the heads up. I found this blog post on Google and am happy the internet exists because you can get opinions from REAL PEOPLE and not advertising or marketing firms that push services and products that don't measure up. These two places exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!!!!!!