Tuesday, August 25, 2009

70's Disco Clothes

Yeah, baby! That's what were talkin' about... original vintage clothing from the 1970's disco era. Just for MEN. From the wildest print 70's Disco Shirts to funky polyester Leisure Suits, platform shoes and flares and bells... we've got your stash.

We specialize in UNWORN vintage clothing from the 70's, commonly known in the trade as DEADSTOCK. We've supplied clothing to ordinary men who want to get funked up for a night to A list rock stars, celebrities ...and vintage clothing that has been worn in print, film and theater stage productions.

Take a trip back in time and incorporate some true vintage into your wardrobe, or go wild at the next retro event. Whatever the case may be... DressThatMan.com can FUNK YOU UP!

1 comment:

Kurt V said...

Guys you have the raddest vintage I have found EVER!!!!! Got duded up and partied like a celeb at Stdio 54 in Vegas. Oh what a night!!!!!