Friday, March 28, 2014

Leisure Suits of the 70s

Polyester Leisure Suits were a staple of every mans wardrobe back in the 70's. Crushable, wrinkle free, and stain resistant - these 1970's poly suits stood up to the rigors of working during the week, as well as the hard partying weekend at the discotheque and all things in between. Known for being the mandatory outfit of 70's used car salesman everywhere in the USA, these polyester leisure suits have a rather sleazy reputation that isn't completely unwarranted.

Own an original men's 70's Polyester Leisure Suit from and be the unforgettable man at the retro theme party. These authentic vintage mens suits are vastly superior to cheesy costume type disco outfits!

1970s Polyester Leisure Suits

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