Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Men's Vintage Clothing: Marketing

Yesterday, Google sent us a little smack via email regarding one of the 3 ads we're running. It has amused us to the point we are still snickering.

The big picture: Hey, we know that they are just doing their job. We adore Google and if we weren't working here, we'd love to be working with them. They have a great thing going on. Who wouldn't want to jump on that bandwagon? They ROCK!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Marketing - our online vintage clothing store for men. Right now, chock full of mens funky fashions and ready more. We're excited about things to come.

Our recent pay-per-click ads place great emphasis on the 1970's disco clothing for men we're currently specializing in and featuring prominently on the site.
When it came to internet marketing, wanted something different, that approach appears to be working extremely well for us.

We decided to run a few ads beginning in the fall. We got the little smack for one of the 3 we're running.

Truthfully, the email from Google was nothing more than a standard form type letter, and we can assume it's basic protocol.

Here's a portion of the e-mail we received yesterday:

Our Google AD TEXT:
Pimp Ya Hide, Man
Funked Up Retro 70's Disco Suits,
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

Ad Status: Suspended - Pending Revision

Ad Issue(s): Inappropriate Language


Ad Content: We do not allow text ads or image ads containing "Funked" to run on Google at this time. Please remove this inappropriate language from your ad, and we will be happy to run your ad on Google.

- - - > so, what did we do? - - - of course, we changed that particular AD!

To this:
Pimp Ya Hide, Man
We'll Funk Ya Up in 70s Disco Suits

Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

The hilarious thing about this is that we have an older ad that's been running for quite some time now.

It looks like this:

Mens 1970s Disco Clothes

get totally Funked Up 70's style
at for Men only!

It's still running! With the "not allowed" term, the banned, word FUNKED.
I suppose it won't be long until we get another email informing us to change the text on that AD. Especially because I'm pointing that out in blogger, Google's very own blog tool! Silly me.

The general consensus around here is that someone complained and Google looked into it and decided it was naughty and not nice. Which undoubtedly leaves us off a few Christmas lists.

But, hey... that's the way it goes. The complainer can feel free to send us a lump of coal.

Actually, if it WAS a complaint originating from someone in a similar line of business I think that is a marvelous compliment!
They are paying attention!

If the people at Google we're simply performing a routine check on their ads, clearly... they would have seen all 3 ads and noticed that naughty banned word, "FUNKED."

We can deduce from that information alone it wasn't an inside job at Google. Someone pointed out that particular ad to them.

Who cares who “reported” the ad?

We remain vastly amused.

So, funk off.


Anonymous said...

Too damn funny! Yes it was probably someone who is in your competing market. Peter Hawkins

Becky Tate said...

I agree. You have a rad site design, clear pictures and a sense of fun that blows away the rest away. You piss them off because they suck and its not your fault :)