Saturday, December 31, 2005

Men's Vintage Clothing: Marketing - part 2

Wrote to Google in regard to the yanked AdWords Ad containing the term FUNKED UP that I spoke of in the last post.

I pointed out to them that eBay was running an ad with the word FUNKED in it. And, hey... eBay is a BIG money maker and waaaay bigger than us here at DressThatMan, but - that really isn't the point, is it? It's the whole principal of the shady funked up deal, man.

If a word or term is banned on Google AdWords, then it is. For everyone.

Here's a portion of the response from the kind folks over at Google:

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your email.

I've confirmed that you currently have no disapproved ads, and your ad
text with:

Pimp Ya Hide, Man
We'll Funk Ya Up in 70s Disco Suits
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

is approved and running on Google.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies.

An error was made.

It's OK to be
Funked Up again. We've got permission.

Happy New Year! Time to smack on that retro polyester kick ass bellbottom suit and get that party started.

I mean, to get completely far out and totally Funked Up.

To enable my head to ring in the New Year when I wake up tomorrow.

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