Monday, December 12, 2005

there's a NEW MAN in town

While it's true that our mannequins don't exactly talk, we want you to know that they are highly capable of thought processing.

So, we developed a finely tuned method in which their thoughts would take over the keyboard and upload to blogger. And, we had to use stem cells from house mice to do it. We're working on the patent now. :::end:::

.... program initializing

.... ready to begin interface

.... connected

It's exhausting being one of the guys. You're forced to dance in between shoots. 16 hour days are not unheard of. Plus! Some of the stuff they make us wear, we peons have no say in it.

The boss doesn't believe it - but, the night staff has been known to slap us around. After an evening of such abuse, we barely rest when we are AGAIN listening to that relentless thumping, evil beat of DISCO music that never really goes away when the lights are off. Not even after the slapping is over.

How would you like to be a virtual concubine subject to the whims of your many masters while you are literally forced to change your clothes at the drop of a hat and pose for photographs on a daily basis? And... to wear colors that just don't look good on you. KNOWING the entire time that these photographs will appear on the... INTERNET! Lord knows what the pervs....

.... programming failure

.... transmission interupted

.... dump stack

1 comment:

Jerry said...

You guys are killing me. Bet you didn't pass the drug tests!