Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vintage Clothing for MEN / the BEAT is ON

The search is on, man. Looking for disco clothes for men, men's vintage clothes, pimp styles, you start from somewhere and you end up here.

Time once again for the top search phrases you've used to find us here that we found amusing. Of course, as you might guess, given the weirdness factor of the mysterious mechanics of search engines - there were a handful of phrases that were used to find us that we wouldn't publish here, just because they are... ummm... how do we say without saying what they were? Hmmmm. How about slightly to extremely amusing but exceedingly distasteful.

without further ado....

6. farkin definition

5. how to make your man dress up nice

4. super sleazy clothes for men

3. peek up his kilt what do you see

2. when men play dress up

:: insert drum roll... the winner is ::

1. disco men spank men

In celebration of that search phrase, just for you - we're gonna spank every single packed order box before it leave the warehouse on it's way to you for the entire month of March! We hope you're happy now.

We'll be doing our best to beat the hell out of March and get on with spring!

If your package arrives slightly battered, it may not be the Post Office who is responsible for it.

1 comment:

jerry said...

makes me want to place an order just to get the package spanked :) lol