Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shhh! It's a secret... don't read this...

Plaid is bad in such a great way. In style for those in the know keeping up with the Joneses in deluxe style. Of course, Mister Hipster is already clued in there and he's sporting the latest designer plaids straight off the runway.

The retro reproduction look is all the rage. BUT - the purists KNOW that there is nothing even close to vintage unless it's the REAL THING.

Top quality vintage clothing for men isn't cheap by any means, but... it's FAR less expensive than the top designer fashion prices.

DressThatMan has acquired many loyal celeb customers who can certainly afford all of the top designer clothing - yet they LOVE the fact that they can get a piece of history that they can wear that others in their circles can't readily obtain.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you WHO they are, because we promised never to spill shopping secrets - but, we're SO SO SO giddy behind the scenes. Sooner or later, our celeb customers - at least some of them - have promised they'd come out of the closet and send pics and let us share with the world who they are in the celebrity spotlight - but, for now... we're a secret weapon in the world male celebrity style. A few aren't even telling their friends about us... and THAT is hilarious.

Recently, we received an email from a star that said, in part... "The deadstock clothes were dazzling and fit wonderfully. I've been looking for a place like this forever. Finding your site was a dream come true. Thanks so much for your assistance and fast service - I've hit the mother lode and now, you're my biggest secret!"

That cat's coming out of the bag, baby. Pass it along, man. You wear it well.

DressThatMan is onto something, and we're ON YOU.

now you know newsflash: trivia from the shipping portal
Recently we've been on fire in parts of the world. It seems that a whole lot of our merchandise in the past few month has gone to New York, London and Los Angeles - and of course, some places in spaces in between.

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